University of Kentucky College of Agriculture
Masters Theses with PDF Link

An analysis of Kentucky Trail Riders. Katharine Auchter. December, 2008

Precision Agriculture: Realizing Increased Profit and Reduced Risk Through Cost Map and Lightbar Adoption. Benjamin Michael Kayrouz. June, 2008.

Determining Factors That Contribute to Nonpoint Source Pollution in the Lower Kentucky Watershed. James A. Wermuth. 2007

Determining Factors that Contribute to Nonpoint Source Pollution in the Lower Kentucky Watershed. James A. Wermuth. December, 2006.

Basis Variability and its Effects on Hedging Efficiency for Kentucky Feeder Cattle. Nathan Routt. June, 2006.

A Feasibility Study of Opening and Operating a Precision Farming Firm in Kentucky. Thomas Joseph Logsdon. 2006.

Kentucky Feeder Cattle Price Analysis: Models for Price Predictions and Grazing Management. R.W. Eldridge. July, 2005.

Demand Determinants for U.s. Exports of Processed Foods to Emerging Markey Economies. S. Kumar. 2005.

Characteristics of Beef Cattle That Determine the Price Difference Between Traditional and CPH Sales. Terry L. Lunsford. 2005.

Effects of Management on Reproductive Efficiency in Thoroughbreds. Reka Nagy. 2005.

Organizational Economics and the Food Processing Industry. Benjamin M. Tirrell. 2004.

Economic Analysis of Cellulase Production by Clostridium Thermocellum in Solid State and Submerged Fermentation. Jun Zhuang. 2004.

Regulation of Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations: An Application of Economic Theory to Firm Decision Making and Applications for Public Policy. Benjamin Gramig. 2004.

A Detailed Sector Analysis of the Holstein Beef Market. Kenneth H. Burdine. 2003.

Improving Farm Management Decisions by Analyzing Site-Specific Economic Data Developed From Yield Maps. Laura A. Powers. 2002.

A Farm-Level Analysis of Specialty Crop Production in Kentucky. Daniel Green. 2001.

New Input and Output Risk Management Strategies for Livestock Producers. Brian K. Coffey. 2001.


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