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    This course focuses on development of a framework to analyze alternate paradigms of the political economy. The framework focuses on the role of institutions that modify behavior of decision makers. Agricultural and food policies are evaluated in terms of the efficient use of resources and the general welfare of society. Prereq: ECO 601 or AEC 503..
    Instructors: David Freshwater

Research/Teaching Publications

  • Other Research Publications
  • David Freshwater 2012. Complexity and Obsolete Data Concepts: Canadian Farm Policy, and the Changing Structure of Agriculture
    Authors in Dept.: David Freshwater
  • David Freshwater, 2007. Measuring Farm Net Income To Better Achieve Policy Objectives Prepared for the Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and Statistics Canada joint workshop on farm income measurement, Ottawa, March 4-5, 2007. Financial support from AAFC is gratefully acknowledged.
    Authors in Dept.: David Freshwater,
  • David Freshwater, 2007. Rural Development and the Declining Coherence of Rural Policy: An American and Canadian Perspective
    Authors in Dept.: David Freshwater,
  • Proceedings Publications
  • David Freshwater 2000. The Evolution of Rural Policy and Agricultural Policy in North America Prepared for the World Bank conference on The Challenge of Rural Development in the EU Accession Process, Sofia, Bulgaria June, 2000.
    Authors in Dept.: David Freshwater,