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Budgets/Decision Aids

Other Sources of Information
Kentucky Farm Business Management Publications

Since 1962, the Kentucky Farm Business Management Program (KFBM) has been serving the agricultural industry by assisting member farmers track financial performance, determine the profitability of individual enterprises, improve management practices, complete tax returns, set business and personal goals, and make sound management decisions. The KFBM Program's design also helps improve farm management on non-member Kentucky farms by providing factual economic information about Kentucky farms for use in research, teaching, and extension.

The publications available through this program include:

  • Enterprise Studies - show the financial and production situation of like-type producers in several crop enterprises as well as family living;
  • Annual Summaries - reveal problems and opportunities in agriculture by area of the state, type of farm operation and by farm enterprise;
  • Management and Decision Aids - includes topics such as farm business profit margins and Average Crop Revenue Election (ACRE) program;


USDA - National Agricultural Statistics Service (Kentucky Office)
The National Agricultural Statistics Service provides timely, accurate, and useful statistics in service to U.S. agriculture.