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  • AEC309 - International Agriculture, World Food Needs and U.S. Trade in Agricultural Products; Credits - 3
    Present and projected world food/population balance by geographic regions; food production and world trade in agricultural products with an emphasis upon the implications for U.S. agriculture; an introduction to agricultural development problems of the less developed nations of Latin America, Africa, and Asia, Prereq: AEC 101 or equivalent. (Fall).
    Instructors: A. Lee Meyer

Research/Teaching Publications

  • Refereed Journal Articles
  • Leigh Maynard, J.G. Hartell, A. Lee Meyer, and J. Hao 2004. An Experimental Approach to Valuing New Differentiated Products Agricultural Economics, 31:317-325.
    Authors in Dept.: A. Lee Meyer, Leigh Maynard,
  • Leigh Maynard, Kenny Burdine, and A. Lee Meyer, 2003. Market Potential for Locally-Produced meat Products Journal of Food Distribution Research, 34:26-37
    Authors in Dept.: A. Lee Meyer, Kenny Burdine, Leigh Maynard,

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