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Research/Teaching Publications

  • Refereed Journal Articles
  • William Neilson and C.Jill Stowe 2008. Piece-Rate Contracts for Other-Regarding Workers Economic Inquiry
    Authors in Dept.: C.Jill Stowe
  • Tankersley, Dharol, C. Jill Stowe, and Scott A. Huettel. 2007. Altruism in Associated with an Increased Neural Response to the Perception of Agency Nature Neuroscience
    Authors in Dept.: C.Jill Stowe,
  • C.Jill Stowe, Huettel, Scott A., Evan M. Gordon, Brent T. Warner, and Michael L. Platt. 2006. Neural Signatures of Economic Preferences for Risk and Ambiguity Neuron 49, 765-775
    Authors in Dept.: C.Jill Stowe,
  • C.Jill Stowe, William Nielson 2005. A Further Examination of Cumulative Prospect Theory Parameterizations Journal of Risk and Uncertainty 24(1), 31-46
    Authors in Dept.: C.Jill Stowe,