University of Kentucky College of Agriculture

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  • AEC302 - Agricultural Management Principles; Credits - 4
    The overall course objective is to introduce you to some managerial and decision-making tools and to assist you in developing some degree of competency in applying these concepts to farm management situations. Your personal development as regards your ability to manage, advise or service agricultural production businesses underlies the course purpose.Class Web Site
    Instructors: C.Jill Stowe Steve Isaacs, Carl Dillon,

Research/Teaching Publications

  • Refereed Journal Articles
  • William Neilson and C.Jill Stowe 2008. Piece-Rate Contracts for Other-Regarding Workers Economic Inquiry
    Authors in Dept.: C.Jill Stowe
  • Tankersley, Dharol, C. Jill Stowe, and Scott A. Huettel. 2007. Altruism in Associated with an Increased Neural Response to the Perception of Agency Nature Neuroscience
    Authors in Dept.: C.Jill Stowe,
  • C.Jill Stowe, Huettel, Scott A., Evan M. Gordon, Brent T. Warner, and Michael L. Platt. 2006. Neural Signatures of Economic Preferences for Risk and Ambiguity Neuron 49, 765-775
    Authors in Dept.: C.Jill Stowe,
  • C.Jill Stowe, William Nielson 2005. A Further Examination of Cumulative Prospect Theory Parameterizations Journal of Risk and Uncertainty 24(1), 31-46
    Authors in Dept.: C.Jill Stowe,