University of Kentucky College of Agriculture
Why Agricultural Economics?

Agricultural Economics is the major of approximately 280 undergraduates in the UK College of Agriculture.  The department attracts students interested in topics such as business and entrepreneurship, farm management, natural resource economics, international and rural development, and public policy.  Students learn techniques in marketing, management, data analysis, and problem solving- skills which are useful on the farm, in agribusinesses and in public agencies.  The faculty in the department work closely with students outside of the classroom to offer academic advising, career advice, and often help link students with internship opportunities pertaining to their career goals. 

Job Opportunities

Students graduating with a B.S. in Agricultural Economics pursue careers in agribusiness, sales, marketing, finance, communication and information systems, and farm management to name a few.  These careers include positions within the food and fiber and crops and livestock industries, but are not limited to agriculture.   Graduates also obtain positions in state and local government agencies and non-profit organizations.  Many agricultural economics students continue their education through graduate studies or law school. 

Degree Requirements

The core courses of the agricultural economics degree emphasize fundamental economic theory, statistics, accounting, marketing, management and the application of these subjects to agriculture.  The major offers two options: Agribusiness Management and Food Marketing or Agricultural Economics.  Students choosing the Agribusiness Management and Food Marketing option usually complete a business minor.