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Environmental and Economic Trade-Offs in Livestock and Crop Management. Ernest F. Bazen. 2002.

The New Product Development Practices of the North American Confectionary Manufacturers: Determinants of New Product Development Time. Ashlihan D. Spaulding. 2002.

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Investigating the Conflict in Agricultural Policy Between the Federal Crop Insurance and Disaster Assistance Programs, and the Conservation Reserve Program. Peter William Griffin. 1996.

Income Inequality vs. Economic Growth in United States: Examining Causal Relations. Octavien Ngarambe. 1996.

Toward an Improved GRP (Group Risk Plan): The Analysis of Private Sector Involvement. Li Huang. 1995.

Assessing the Effect of Agricultural Research Expenditures on Agricultural Productivity in Tanzania. Aida C. Isinika. 1995.

Modeling Consumer Demand for a Quality-Differentiated Product: The Japanese Beef Market. Honguang Gong. 1995.

A Nonlinear Dynamic Modeling Approach to the Analysis of Biotechnological Innovations in the U.S. Beef Cattle Industry. Michael J. Best. 1995.

Yield Forecast, Ratemaking, and Systematic Risk in Crop Insurance: Three Essays. Haiping Luo. 1995.

Economic Analyses of Wind Erosion Control with Off-Site Environmental Effects. Da Yuan Hu. 1995.

Dynamics of Cocoa Production on Cote D'Ivoire. Joseph Koula. 1995.

A Study of the Effects of Knowledge about Food Product Health Attributes on the Consumption of Meats and Fish in Japan. Nkongolo Kalala. 1995.

Strategic Trade Theory in International Agricultural Markets: An Application to Burley Tobacco. Orlando D. Chambers. 1995.

U.S. direct Investment Abroad and Its Influence on the U.S. Economy: Cases in Food and Wood Industries. Yulin Ning. 1994.

Risk Sharing Through Contractural Arrangement: An Application to the Feeder Cattle Industry. Robert Wes Harrison. 1994.

External Debt of African and Latin American Countries: Resource Allocation Implications. Brahim Trabelsi. 1994.

An Application of the Analytic Hierarchy Process to the Farmer's Decision to Adopt Sustainable Agriculture. Mwana N. Mawampanga. 1994.

Impact of Socioeconomic Characteristics of U.S. Households on the Demand for Beef, Pork, Poultry, and All Meats. Tahereh Nourbakesh. 1994.

Time-Allocation and Production Efficiency: The U.S. Corn Belt. Guillermo Marcos Gallacher. 1994.

A Cost-Benefit Analysis Using Contingent Valuation Data of Banning a Post-Harvest Pesticide from use in Fresh Grapefruit Packinghouses. Jean Carroll Buzby. 1993.

The Impact of Technological Progress and Factor Endowments on International Agriculture Trade. Joseph Salvacruz. 1993.

Explaining Participation in the Federal Multiple-Peril Crop Insurance Program. Barry Joe Barnett. 1993.

A New Model of Municipal Bond Yields: Implications for Policy and Research. Virginia Catherine Wilson. 1993.

Portfolio Choice: A Chance-Constrained Formulation of Efficiency-Safety Rule in Production Decisions: Applications to Crop Allocation Decisions in Morocco. Georges Abbevi Abbey. 1992.

Monetary Changes and Overshooting of Agricultural Prices in the Short-Run in an Open Economy. Sayed Sahgaian. 1992.

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Household Demand for Dairy Products: An Intertemporal and Demographic Variation Analysis. Syamsurijal Abdul Kadir. 1990.

The Economics of the Family's Long-Term Care Decision. Ronald C. Young. 1990.

An Economic Analysis of the Likelihood of Migration from a Large Urban Area: A Case Study of Medan, Indonesia. Johannis Damiri. 1990.

Analyzing the Effects of Government Intervention and Product Differentiation on International Burley Tobacco Trade. William M. Snell. 1989.

Overshooting of Commodity Prices Relative to Manufactured Goods in a Neo-Keynesian Framework: Application of a Modified Arbitrage Condition. Peter Kamuyu Karungu. 1989.

The Reduction of Farm-Level Risks: The Role of Futures Markets and Diversification. Everett B. Torrence. 1989.

Agricultural Diversification Decisions Under Risk: Pragmatic Use of E-V Portfolio Analysis. Craig A. Witt. 1988.

A Process-Modeling Approach to Production Function Specification: A Case Study in Alfalfa. Melanie Ann Blackwell. 1988.

A Measurement of the Benefits of Land Information System (LIS) Services. Thomas W. Blaine. 1988.

The Effects of Added Debt and Declining Tobacco Income on Minimum Farm Size Needed to Generate a Farm Family Income. J. Wesseh Wollo. 1988.

A Dynamic Analysis of Demand and Supply Relationships for the U.S. Beef Cattle Industry. Toubamatingar Bedingar. 1986.

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A Multiperiod Analysis of Production, Investment, and Resource Allocation under Alternative Tillage Systems. Chandra Man Shrestha. 1986.

A Comparison of Optimum Plans from Two Alternative Risk Estimates. Siegfreid H. Debrah. 1985.

Structural Analysis of Zaire's Palm Oil Industry: An Econometric Approach with Endogenous Government Policy. Ntamulyango Baharanyi. 1985.

The Impacts of Alternative Tillage Systems on Output Income and Employment in Western Kentucky. Regina O. Adutwum. 1985.

Exact Measurement of Welfare Changes: Theory and Applications. Olvar Bergland. 1985.

The Impact of Monetary Policy on Kenya's Agricultural Exports. Wilson Nguyo. 1985.

An Econometric Analysis of the U.S. Fertilizer Industry. Emmanuel Agyeman Gyawu. 1984.

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The Benefit Cost Evaluation of Multi-part Public Policy: A Theoretical Framework and Critique of Estimation Methods. John P. Hoehn. 1983.

Incentives for Allocating Public Goods Under Incomplete Information. Gernot Klepper. 1983.

The Econometric Analysis of Factor Substitution on U.S. Agriculture. Abdessalem Aoun. 1983.

Exploitation Among Small Scale Farmers: The Role of Producers' Preferences for Particular Middlemen. Kenneth Bruce Wiegand. 1983.

The U.S. Demand for New Farm Wheel Tractors: A Mixed Multiple Time-Series Analysis-Econometrics Approach. Hak Wan Mui. 1983.

An Assessment of Corn and Soybean Yield Functions and Comparative Advantage Principle for Five State in the Corn Belt and Kentucky. Mohammad M. Sadeghi Pour. 1982.

Identification and Segregation of Impacts of Size and Other Factors on Variation of Farm Production Costs: An Aggregative Analysis. Aroon Auansakul. 1982.

Post-Reclamation Use of Surface-Mines Lands in Kentucky. Basawaraj N. Hiremath. 1982.

An Economic Analysis of Liming for Major Crops in the Tennessee Valley Region. Jung-Il Kang. 1982.

A Study of Food Price Relationships at the Wholesale-Retail Level. Pedro Valentim Marques. 1982.

Supply Analysis of Natural Rubber of Malaysia Under Buffer Stock and Buffer Stock Plus Tax Reduction Programs: A System Simulation Analysis. Mukhalis Bin Baba. 1981.

Econometric Analysis of Demand and Supply of Fertilizer in the United States. Frederick O. Boadu. 1981.

An Activity Selection Model for the Smallholder Household Facing Rainfall Uncertainty and Scarcity: An Application to Planning in Northeast Machakos District, Kenya. David Lawrence Jessee. 1981.

Risk and Uncertainty of Farmers in the Central Plain of Thailand. Kanok Khatikarn. 1981.

A Mathematical Programming Decision Model for Farm Machinery and Equipment Replacement. Donald Wayne Reid. 1981.

The Valuation of Hunting Related Amenities: A Conceptual and Empirical Approach. John Raymond Stoll. 1980.

A Risk Programming Analysis of the Role of Hedging in the Kentucky Feeder Cattle Industry. Orlen Curtis Grunewald. 1980.

A Mixed Integer Method for Analyzing the Impact of Surface Mining Regulations on Economies with Public and Private Goods. Webb Morrow Smathers, Jr.. 1980.

Factors Affecting Managerial Performance of Peasant Farmers in Northeast Thailand. Sumrit Tiandum. 1979.

Price Variation and Market Inperfection in the Lease and Transfer of Burley Tobacco Quotas in Kentucky. Mary C. Kenney. 1978.

The Impacts of Warehouse Consolidation on Logistics Costs for Farm Supply: A Total Cost Analysis. Roger Gayle Ginder. 1978.

The Impact of Coal Industry on Output, Income and Employment in Eastern Kentucky: An Input-Output Analysis. Mohammad Nasser Sherafat. 1978.

Effects of Fertilizer Prices Under Risk on the Production of Wheat and Soybeans in Brazil. Valter Jose Stulp. 1977.

The Economics of Dry Season Irrigation in Northeast Thailand. Charles T. Alton. 1977.

Use of Polyperiod Programming Techniques in Analyzing Farm Business Growth for Young Farmers: An Ex Ante Approach. Johnson Olu Adedeji. 1977.

Industrial Location in the Nonmetropolitan Communities of Kentucky and Tennessee: 1970-1973. David Robert Kelch. 1977.

Feasibility of Gypsum Production and Marketing as an Alternative SO2 Emmison Control Strategy for Fossil-Fired Power Plants. James Madison Ransom. 1977.

Peanut Supply Response in Northeast Thailand: A Linear Programming Approach. Anthony Eldon Burris. 1976.

Potential for Increased Net Incomes on Small Farms in Four Eastern Kentucky Counties. Fred J. Stewart. 1975.

An Econometric Analysis of the Structure of the U.S. Tobacco Industry. Russell Wayne Sutton. 1974.

An Economic Interpretation of Local School District Behavior: The Effects of Intergovernmental Grants on the Provision of Educational Services in Kentucky. Vincent Cusumano. 1974.

Alternative Marketing Strategies: A Linear Programming Application to Kentucky Sawmills. Donald Hubert Graves. 1974.

An Economic Analysis of Retail Fertilizer Markets in Northeast Thailand. James E. Berry. 1974.

An Abstract of the Minimum Resource Decision Criteria to Attain a Specified Income Level for Kentucky Beef Producers. Alfred B. Kelly. 1974.

Factor Elasticities, Marginal Productivities and Returns to Scale for Selected Grain Farms in the Lower Ohio Valley Region of Kentucky. William Edward Seale. 1974.

Public Budget Effects of Eastern Kentucky Migration to Cincinnati, Ohio. Charles E. Hanrahan. 1973.

An Economic Analysis of Out-Migration from a Depressed Rural Area. Larry C. Morgan. 1973.

Livestock Auction Markets in Kentucky: An Economic Analysis. Gerald E. Grinnell. 1973.

Analysis of Retail Dairy Feed Markets and Buyer-Seller Procurement Practices in Selected Kentucky Counties. James Keith Wilkinson. 1973.

An Analysis of the Effect of Burley Tobacco Price and Quota Declines on Production and Income Adjustments. Frederic Lee Hoff. 1973.

A Study of Allocative Efficiency at the Farm Level in Southern Brazil. Jose F. Noronha. 1973.

Aggregate Bovine Supply in Northeast Thailand. Edwin Chappell Price, Jr.. 1973.

An Evaluation of the Competitiveness of Beef Cattle Production for Resource Use in Selected Areas of Kentucky. Daniel B. Smith. 1973.

Developing a Multiperiod Linear Programming Simulation Farm Firm Growth Model: Application to a Central Kentucky Beef Cattle Farm. Ying I. Chien. 1972.

An Interindustry Analysis of the Florida Economy. Carl Farler. 1972.

Modernization of Paddy Rice Farming in Northeast Thailand with Special Reference to Use of Fertilizer. Halvor J. Kolshus. 1972.

The Impact of the Burley Tobacco Price Support Program on the Development of Alternative Kentucky Farm Enterprises: An Application of the Theory of the Multiproduct Firm. C. Stassen Thompson. 1972.

Development of Procedures for Quantifying and Assessing the Economic Well-Being of Rural Areas. Thomas H. Klindt. 1971.

An Economic Analysis of the Impact of a New College on a Rural Community. James Merrill Conrad. 1970.

An Analysis of the Relationship between Infrastructure and Agricultural Development in Caqueta, Columbia. John Gerald Feaster. 1970.

Social and Economic Determinants of the Educational Achievement of Selected Eleventh Grade Students in Rural Kentucky: An Exploratory Study. Richard Francis Bieker. 1970.

A Multiperiod Analysis of the Effect of Selected Economic Variables on the Optimum Growth Process of Three Case Farms in the Mammoth Cave Area. David Raymond Humberd. 1970.

Adjustment Responses of Northwestern Kentucky Commercial Farmers to Changes in Cost and Availability of Resources. Larry C. Jenkins. 1970.

The 1965 Property Revaluation in Fayette County, Kentucky. James Wallace Middleton, Jr.. 1970.

Cost Analysis of Kansas Livestock Auctions. Norman James Beaton. 1969.

A Study of Grain Production and Utilization Balances and Grain Flows for Kentucky and a Projection of the Balances and Flows for 1975. Wilmer Browning. 1969.

Analysis of the Factors Influencing Growers' Response to the 1967 Acreage Poundage Referendum for Burley Tobacco. W. Wilson Hourigan. 1969.

Farmers' Participation in the 1968 Feed Grain Program Among the Commercial and Noncommercial Grain Producing Areas of Kentucky. James Lavaughn Johnson. 1969.

A Study of the Effects of the Eight-Man Logging Exemption, Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, on the Northeastern Logging Industry. Robert Roland Sharp. 1969.

An Analysis of the Effect of Selected Economic Variables on the Optimum Location of Burley Tobacco Production within the Burley Belt. Verner Neal Grise. 1968.

Economic Analysis of the Sale Price of Burley Tobacco Allotments in Kentucky. Josiah Hoskins, Jr.. 1968.

Economic Analysis of Equity Under Full Value Assessments for Farm Property in Kentucky. John Paul Nelson. 1968.

A Comparative Cost Analysis of Alternative Marketing Systems for Slaughter Hogs in Michigan. James G. Snell. 1967.

Entrepreneurial behavior Under Conditions of Scarcity and Famine Case Studies of Production, Marketing, and Investment Decisions of Farmers in a Deccan Village (India). Govind Jivaji Khudanpur. 1967.

Insurance Strategies of West Kentucky Farmers. James Earnest Criswell. 1966.

Reappraisal of Market Movements and Factors Affecting Prices of Feeder Pigs. Harry Ruff White. 1966.

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Burley Tobacco Supply Functions for Selected Areas of Kentucky. Wayne Franklin Ewbank. 1964.

Optimum Number, Location, and Size of Fluid Milk Processing Plants Needed to Minimize Marketing Costs in a 39-County Geographic Area. Troy Walker Hinton. 1964.

Methods for Controlling Marketings of Basic Southern Farm Commodities. Edward E. Kern, Jr.. 1964.

Structural Factors in Retailing Eggs in Kentucky. Donald Shadoan. 1964.

An Economic Appraisal of the Effects of Price Risk On Swine Producers' Willingness to Contract. Gene Austin Bramlett. 1963.

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