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Masters Theses

Masters Theses without PDF Link

An Econometric Analysis of Infant Mortality, Pollution, and Income in the U.s. Counties. Margarita Yuri Somov. 2004.

Health Care as an Economic Development Tool in Rural Kentucky. Lanre Yebovi. 2003.Investigating the Relationship Between Yield Risk and Agri-Environmental Indicators. Nathan Clark. 2002.

Environmental Concerns Ranking Demographic Variables and Expenditures. Steven Cornell. 2002.

The Impact of Natural Disasters on Economic Growth: A Study of Mexico and Central America. Sharon L. Garcia. 2002.

Incorporating Risk-linked Securities into International Disaster Relief: A Proposal for a Charity Catastrophe Bond. Anne Goes. 2002.

Economic Impact on Cattle Feedlots of Early Detection of Bovine Respiratory Disease Using Remote Temperature Sensing Technology. Josefina Milesy. 2002.

U.S. Foreign Direct Investment and Exports by the Processed Food Industry: An East Asian Case Study. Dyana N. Cornell. 2001. A Multiple Case Study Approach to Entrepreneurial Agriculture in Kentucky. Warren Heath Hoagland. 2001.

A Benefit-cost Spreadsheet Analysis of Precision Farming Technologies for Grain Producers of Varying Sizes. Vijay Subramanium. 2001.

Using Variography to Better Understand Spatial Correlatoin and Systemic Risk in U.S. Corn Yields. James David Long. 2001.

Black Farmers' Transition From Tobacco in Kentucky. Nolita J. Orr. 2001.

The Impact of State Prisons on the Economy. Victoria Kairumba Burke. 2001.

Valuing Ultrasound Predictions of Carcass Quality Grade. Meagan Diane Ferguson. 2001.

Analyzing the Dow Jones Sustainability Group Index: A Club Theory Perspective. Adrienne Ann Bernardi. 2001. An Analysis of the Economic Impacts on Agriculture and Its Related Sectors on the Kentucky Economy. Janet Adele Godley. 2001.

U.S. Import Demand for Red Wine: A Linear Approximation of the Dynamic Almost Ideal Demand System. Alberto Basso. 2000.

Impact of Socioeconomic and Demographic Factors on Causes of Deaths in the U.S.: A Nationwide County-Level Analysis. Louay Constant. 2000.

Using Kentucky GPS Data in the Decision-making Process for Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) Filter Strip Enrollment. Jeremy Stull. 2000.

Sub Optimality: The Economic Dilemma of Public Welfare Relief and Its Relevance to Recent Welfare Reform - A Market Perspective on Poverty and Income Transfer Programs. M'Kiaira Kimathi Miriti. 2000.

Limiting Risk Through Agricultural Cooperatives. Samuel Jesse Hancock. 2000.

Approaches and Effects of Two Farm Reorganization Projects in Ukraine. Aleta Gale Botts. 2000.

An Economic Analysis of Kentucky Dairy Farm Abatement Cost. Stefanie Beth Cruz. 2000.

Applying Rainfall Insurance in Developing Countries: The Case of Morocco: A Feasibility Analysis. Kuami Mawunyo Kumako. 2000.

The Simultaneous Occurrence of Changes in Poverty, Income, Educational Attainment, and Employment: An Endogenous Model of Regional Progress. Andrew G. Harvey. 2000.

An Analysis of the Use of Financial Futures to Hedge Against Interest Rate Risk in the Rural Commercial Banking Industry. Kyna K. Estes. 1999.

Evaluating Cost and Returns in Burley Tobacco Production Systems. Brad Chaney Gross. 1999.

An Examination of New Product Development Process: A Comparative Study of Hazelnut Candy Manufacturers. Aslihan Demiralay Spaulding. 1999.

The Potential Influence of Risk Management Programs on Cropping Decisions at the Extensive Margin. Kara Kate Keeton. 1999.

Model Specification and Selection in U.S. Dairy Product Demand Analysis. Deyu Liu. 1999.

Freshwater Shrimp and the Restaurant Market Channel. Seth William Riggins. 1999.

A Simultaneous Model of Growth in Kentucky. Owen Johnson. 1998.

An Analysis of the Determinants of Farm Sales Distribution. Papa Boubacar Diallo. 1998.

The Environmental and Economic Potential of Poultry Litter as a By-Product in Kentucky Farm Production. Julia Mary Patton. 1998.

Analysis of the Wheat Harvest Basis and Wheat Flow Patterns in Western Kentucky. Robert J. Schimmel. 1998.

Risk Within the Beef Industry and the Role of Insurance. Lynn L. Kosty. 1998.

Supply, Demand, and Import Relationships in the Japanese Poultry Industry. Haibo D. Tang. 1998.

Extent and Impact of Hospital Outshopping in Rural Kentucky. Vadivel Gurusamy Kumari. 1998.

The Economic Viability of Industrial Hemp. Thomas Byars. 1997.

Valuing Water Quality Improvements from Sand Filter Systems in Scott County, Kentucky Using Benefit Transfers. Rebecca Kathryn Smith. 1997.

The Relationship Between US Direct Investments Abroad and US Exports: The Case of Food Processing Industry. Maria Theresa S. Medialdia. 1997.

A State Level Analysis of Proprietorship Growth Using Fixed Effects Models with Implications for Rural Development. Lawrence O'Neal Lewis. 1997.

The Canada - US Trade Agreement: Competitive Tradeoffs Between Foreign Direct Investment and Trade. Ravichandran Munirathinam. 1997.

Cost Subadditivity, Scale Economies, and Scope Economies in Microfinancing: A Case Study from Bank Rakyat Indonesia Unit Desas. Adam Christopher Maung. 1997.

Investment Analysis of Re-Establishing Endophyte-Infected Pastures: Profitability and Impacts for the Kentucky Cow-Cal Producer. Courtney Paige Murrell. 1997.

County-Level Determinants of Fruit and Vegetable Processing Establishment Locations in the United States: 1988-1994. Mei Chen. 1997.

Cigarette Consumption and the Impact of Health Trend in East Asia. Wuhong Cathy Cao. 1996.

An Investigation into the Export Competitiveness of Polish Fruits and Vegetables: 1989-1994. Adam S. Widanski. 1996.

An Evaluation of the Effects of the Community Reinvestment Act and Other Bank Characteristics on Levels of Economic Development in Kentucky. Dana Michelle Huffman. 1996.

Mixing Government and Markets for an Improved Crop Insurance Program. Li Huang. 1995.

Diet and Health Awareness in U.S. Households and Linkages to Diet Choices: Testing for Rural vs. Urban Differences. Esther Kinyanjui. 1995.

Foreign Direct Investment in the United States Food Manufacturing and Related Products Sector: State-Level Analysis. Robert C. Armstrong. 1995.

Credit Scoring Methods Used in Agricultural Lending: A Discussion of Theory and Issues. Jeffrey Adam Stone. 1995.

Analysis of Corn and Soybean Basis Patterns for Selected Kentucky Markets. Don Barton Peters. 1994.

The Import Demand for U.s. Hardwood Lumber in Japan. Miriam Fordham. 1994.

Analyzing Agricultural Contamination of Groundwater Wells in Kentucky: Economic Decision Making for the Individual Well-Owner. Kimberly Bunch Henken. 1994.

Community Influences on Food Stamp Redemption Rates and Food Sales in Food Stores. Louis L. McLendon. 1994.

A Geographic Information System Approach to Travel Cost Modeling for Whitewater Recreation. Donald Joseph Kemlage. 1993.

Regional Recreation Demand Model: An Application to the Lakes of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in the Nashville District. Feifei Guan. 1993.

A Farm-Level Analysis of Alternative Crop-Insurance Designs: Multiple Peril Versus Area-Yield. James David Hourigan. 1993.

Substitution Ratios Between Oilseeds and Cereal Products within the E.C.. Douglas Coyle. 1992.

Herd Size and Regional Analysis Using A Milk Supply Prediction Model which Incorporates Alternative Cost/Revenue Scenarios. Eric L. Jessup. 1992.

Effectiveness of Early Season Yield Prediction using Weather Information: Implications for Crop Insurance. Haiping Luo. 1991.

The Propensity for Farmers in Kentucky to Organize Cooperatively. Kevin Sage-El. 1991.

An Analysis of Grade A Mailbox Milk Prices and Marketing Patterns in Kentucky. Edward S. Van Der Veen. 1991.

The U.S. White Corn Market: An Investigation of the Increased Use of Contracts. Deborah J. Thomas. 1990.

Ex Ante Analysis of Adoption of Bovine Somatotropin by Kentucky Dairy Farmers. Hongguang Gong. 1990.

Validation of the Agricultural Financial Analysis Expert System. Jana L. Smith. 1989.

A Portfolio Perspective on Investment in Real Estate. William J. Wilson. 1989.

A Structural Model of the U.S. Burley Industry Incorporating the 1985 Tobacco Improvement Act. Orlando D. Chambers. 1989.

An Economic Analysis of Alfalfa Hay Flow Patterns in Kentucky. John L. Greatbatch. 1988.

Hedging with Live Hog Options in the Kentucky Swine Industry. Jaqueline Ponder. 1988.

Commercial and Exchange Rate Policies in the Dominican Republic, 1970-1986: Their Effect on the Price Incentive Structure. Fernando Caamano. 1988.

The Conflicting Decision in Lease Versus Purchase Analysis. Georges Abbevi Abbey. 1988.

The Dynamic Elements of Yield and Revenue Probability Distributions: Individual and Group Learning in Tomato Production. Robert R. Hearne. 1988.

The Application of the "Techno-Corporate Complex" Model to the Agricultural Policy and Defense Policy Realms. Geoffery M. Young. 1988.

A Review of Mixed Discrete/Continuous Technology Adoption Models. Timothy Micheal Baye. 1987.

Comparative Marketing Channels for Kentucky Fruits and Vegetables. James Reynolds Mansfield. 1987.

Variations in Burley Tobacco Quota Lease Rates. Daniel L. Hall. 1987.

Employment Instability During a Recession in Selected Nonmetro Kentucky Counties: Evidence on Factors Determining Employment Instability at the Manufacturing Firm Level. David R. Peters. 1987.

Employment Stability for Selected Nonmetropolitan Kentucky Counties During a Recessionary Period: The Influence of Personal Characteristics. John F. Preissing. 1987.

A Spatial Analysis of Alfalfa Hay Transportation among the Central States. Jean Carroll Buzby. 1986.

The World Soybean Product Markets: An Econometric Model. Roberto Javier Garcia. 1986.

A Descriptive Analysis of Red Meat Distribution System in Kentucky. Mary S. Krechting. 1986.

A Simulation Approach to Modeling Multiple Peril Crop Insurance. Perry Joe Nutt. 1986.

Management Responses to Risk in the Southeastern Corn Market. William A. Amponsah. 1986.

An Economic Analysis of the Competitive Behavior in a Retail Grocery Market. Andrew Jermolowicz. 1985.

Grain Marketing Alternatives and Pricing Stategies. Steven Kelley. 1985.

The Competitive Structure of the Papaya Market in the Dominican Republic. John W. Brockhouse, Jr.. 1985.

Analysis of Alternative Hedging Strategies for Soybean Producers in Kentucky. Kelly J. Hobbs. 1985.

An Econometric Analysis of the U.S. Burley Tobacco Industry. William M. Snell. 1985.

An Analysis of the Lease and Transfer Markets for Burley Tobacco Quota in Kentucky: 1980 through 1981. Melanie Ann Blackwell. 1984.

An Econometric Model of the Indonesian Rice Market for Structural and Policy Analysis Applications. Raja Masbar. 1984.

An Economic Analysis of the Short-Run Grain Handling Costs Associated with Country Elevators in Western Kentucky. Richard Gatewood Mook. 1984.

Using Economic Theory to Model Farmland Prices. Valarie L. Will. 1984.

An Econometric Analysis of Corn and Soybean Basis in Selected Kentucky Markets. James Luzar. 1984.

An Economic Analysis of the Interregional Movement of Kentucky Feeder Cattle. David Wayne Pendlum. 1983.

An Economic Analysis of No-tillage vs. Conventional-Tillage Grain Production, in Christian County, Kentucky. Nishi Taneja. 1983.

Problems in the Estimation and Interpretation of Demand Equations: The Case of Cigarettes. Thomas W. Blaine. 1983.

Socio-Economic Factors Affecting the Adoption of Minimum-Tillage in Kentucky. Golam Mohammad. 1983.

The Import Demand for U.S. Burley Tobacco in Government-Controlled Markets. Jeffrey Alan Hesse. 1982.

An Econometric Study of the U.S. Markets for Hard Red Winter and Hard Red Spring Wheat. Mark Stephen Sloan. 1982.

Cross-Subsidization through Advertising in the Food manufacturing Industry. Laurel Inez Tucker. 1982.

Financing Cooperative Organization: A Market Analysis with Emphasis on Identifying Farmer Propensity Toward Organizing Cooperatively. Luyaku L. Nsimpasi. 1982.

Economic Analysis of Dairy Production in the Kentucky Business Analysis Program. Guillermo Marcos Gallacher. 1981.

Impacts of the Energy Price Increases on Crop Production Under Two Alternative Tillage Techniques. Siegfried H. Debrah. 1981.

Grain Marketing Facilities and Grain Movements in Kentucky. Victor Irving High. 1981.

Farm Supply Cooperative Merchandising. Rachel Ann Korfhage. 1981.

Qualitative Choice Among Performance Characteristics of Agricultural Tractors. William Allen Johnson. 1981.

An Econometric Analysis of Foreign Demand for U.S. Burley Tobacco. Randall Dean Schnepf. 1981.

Effects of Share-Leasing Arrangements and Risk Aversion on Optimum Farm Planning. Robert N. Barnes. 1981.

Analysis and Projections of Beef Cattle Supplies and Inventories in the Southern States. Houcine Boughanmi. 1980.

Motivating Increased Labor Productivity in the Retail Food Industry. Jane Rea Brothers. 1980.

A Study of the Simultaneous Determination of State Tax Revenues. E. Jane Luzar. 1980.

Evaluating Agricultural Cooperatives Responses to Alternative Taxation Policies. Marion Faye Simon. 1980.

Factors Affecting Rural Real Estate Values in Kentucky. Kenneth E. White. 1980.

The Determinants of Farm Mechanization in Kentucky: An Econometric Analysis. Abdessalem Aoun. 1980.

Deregulation of Railroad Rates as a Solution to Grain Transportation Capacity Shortages. David M. Kessler. 1980.

Estimation of the U.S. Aggregate Crops Supply Response Under Increasing Energy Prices. Brahim Trabelsi. 1980.

Determinants of Farm Size in Kentucky: An Econometric Study with Cross Sectional Information at the County Level. Roslan Bin A. Ghaffar. 1979.

Benefits, Costs, and Distribution Consequences of a Publicly Assisted Marketing Cooperative. John Phillip Hoehn. 1979.

Factors Affecting the Price of Feeder Cattle Marketed in Kentucky. Grady Donovan Steele. 1979.

Underproduction of Burley Tobacco Quotas in Kentucky, 1971 - 1977. Robert R. Maclin, III. 1979.

Optimum Number and location of Manufacturing Milk Plants in Kentucky. Joseph Donald Goodin. 1979.

Transportation Policy Impacts on Kentucky Grain Exports. James Ellis Richardson. 1979.

The Influence of Advertising on Consumption of Selected Food Products. Mark A. Reese. 1979.

Public Welfare Costs, Income Sources and Potentials, and Relative Efficiency of Appalachian Kentucky Limited Resource Farms. Donald Marc Simon. 1979.

A Rural-Urban Interface: Use, Market, Value Determinations and Spatial Relationships. Jerry Hembd. 1979.

A Putty-Caly Model for Introducing Technological Change in the Analysis of the Replacement of Tractors. Nicholas Kontomichos. 1979.

Optimum Swine Production and Marketing Strategies for Kentucky: A Multiperiod Linear Programming Application. Freddie Lynn Barnard. 1979.

A Computer Simulation of Agricultural Production in Kentucky at the State and County Level. Darold Jay Akridge. 1979.

An Inventory Components Approach to Kentucky Beef Cattle Supply Analysis. Lung-Wen Han. 1978.

Economic Analysis of the Swine Production in the Kentucky Farm Business Analysis Program. Marvin Thomas Batte. 1978.

An Analysis of Selected Cultural Practices and Management Information Sources Used in Soybean Production in Western Kentucky. Jay Lewis Hallaron. 1977.

Impacts of Alternative Energy Policies on a Kentucky Corn-Soybean Producer. Frederick Owusu Boadu. 1977.

An Analysis of Marketing Efficiency, Pricing Policies and Food Product Utilization for a Fast Food Restaurant System. Thomas P. Haas. 1977.

A Systems Analysis of Beef Cattle Backgrounding. Terry Wayne Moss. 1977.

Effects of Location Basis Variability and Bias on the Hedging Efficiency of Feeder Cattle in Kentucky. Stephen LaRue O'Bryan. 1977.

Rural Manufacturing Plant Employment Growth in Kentucky and Tennessee: The Effects of Community and Regional Characteristics, 1964-1973. John Raymond Stoll. 1977.

Market Efficiency of Feed Distribution in Central Kentucky. William David Spalding. 1977.

Employment Impact of an Autonomous Expansion of Non-Farm Employment in Rural Kentucky Counties. Johannes Van Veen. 1977.

Economic Analysis of On-Farm Storage of Corn, Wheat, and Soybeans in Christian County, Kentucky. Jerry Robert Skees. 1977.

Consumer Attitudes and Beliefs Toward Food Price Fluctuations. John R. Gibbs. 1975.

Analysis of the Changing Relationships of Size, Income, and Efficiency on Kentucky Dairy Farms 1966-1973. Michael Scott Hockensmith. 1975.

Rural Residential Water Demand in Kentucky: An Econometric and Simulation Analysis. Orlen Curtis Grunewald. 1975.

Minimum Cost Feeding Systems for Backgrounding Beef Cattle in Central Kentucky. Stephen Farris Rutledge. 1975.

An Analysis of the Agribusiness Industry in the TVA Counties in Kentucky. Lynnville Wayne Smith. 1975.

Optimum Size, Number, and Location of Slaughterhouses in Northeast Thailand. Mary Lu Lageman. 1974.

A Study of Participation in the Lease and Transfer Program for Burley Tobacco in Kentucky, 1971-72. Keelan Wayne Pulliam. 1974.

The Economic Impact of Surface Mining on Water Quality. Webb M. Smathers, Jr.. 1974.

Optimal Use of Fertilizer on Corn: The Case of Selected Soils in Kentucky. Johnson Olu Adedeji. 1974.

An Analysis of Short and Intermediate-Term Farm Loans of Less Than $10,000 Extended by Mammoth Cave PCA in 1971. Darwin V. Foley. 1973.

A Study of the Social and Economic factors Affecting the Development and Operation of an Integrated Management Marketing Association Providing Services for the Production and Distribution of Wood Hand. Wilfred Leonard Arnason. 1973.

The Impact of Private Label Brands of Fluid Milk on Competition in the Dairy Industry in Kentucky. Ronald Gray Alvis. 1973.

A Deterministic Replanting Decision Model for Malaysian Rubber Peasantholders. Kwong-Yaun Chong. 1972.

Some Factors Affecting Land Values in Fayette and Warren Counties, Kentucky. Duncan E. Sanford. 1972.

Return Migration to Subsistence Farming Areas of Appalachian Kentucky. Wesley C. Weidemann. 1972.

A Study of Participation in the Lease and Transfer Program for Burley Tobacco in Kentucky. Barney Osric Barnett. 1972.

Effects of Changing Burley Tobacco Allotments on Net Income, Resource Use, Levels and Combinations of Enterprises for farms in the Eden Hills Area of Kentucky. Harold David Collins. 1971.

Profit Maximizing Plans for Representative Part-Time Farms in Jackson Purchase Area of Kentucky. Vernon Clay Brown. 1971.

An Analysis of Post-Injury Management Practices on Hail Injured Burley Tobacco and Their Relationship to Income Recovery Potential. Terry L. Rock. 1970.

The Economic and Social Impact of Isolation in Pike County, Kentucky. J. Keith Wilkinson. 1970.

An Economic Study of the Comparative Effects of Selected Alternative Methods of Determining Burley Tobacco Poundage Allotments. Herman Woodrow Coots. 1969.

The Relationship of Various Independent Variables to Income and Efficiency on Selected Kentucky Farms, 1966-1967. William Edward Seale. 1969.

An Analysis of Factors Affecting Loan Performance On Farm Businesses Undergoing Expansion. Charles A. Van Lahr, Jr.. 1969.

Minimum Cost Plans for Obtaining Specified Levels of Net Income to Labor and Management on Farms in South-Central Kentucky. Ronald Wayne Todd. 1968.

The Developmental Significance of Expenditures of Participants in the Work Experience and Training Program. James C. Dean. 1967.

The Application of a Dynamic Programming Model to Solve a Multistage Decision-Making Problem--The Replacement of Dairy Cows. Lily P.H. Kuo. 1967.

A Stochastic Analysis of Changes in the Number and Size Distribution of Fluid Milk Processing Firms in Kentucky, 1950-1964. Jackie Ray Good. 1967.

Some Aspects of the Economics of Return Migration: With Reference to the Eastern Kentucky Coal Fields. John H. Sanders. 1967.

Structure, Behavior, and Price Determination in Selected Retail Dairy Feed Markets in Kentucky. Carl David Schmidt. 1967.

Demand Functions for Farm Labor in Four Areas of Kentucky. Shirley C. Browning. 1966.

Changing Burley Tobacco Allotments and Their Effect on the Optimum Combination of Enterprises for Farms in the Western Pennyroyal Area of Kentucky. Jones Reeves Davie. 1966.

Alternative Sources of Rural Water Supply Including Water Districts in Relation to Volume, Reliability, and Cost. Richard Hanley Money, Jr.. 1966.

The Effects of Strip Mining on Land values in Selected Areas of Kentucky. Larry Clinton Morgan. 1966.

Factors Affecting Demand for Outdoor Recreation by an Urban Area. James D. Wright. 1966.

Economic Aspects of Renting and Leasing Farm Machinery. Kenny Lane Wade. 1966.

The Effect of Knowledge of Lending Policies and Farm Credit Needs on Capital Rationing. Gene Harris. 1965.

An Economic Evaluation of Grain and Forage-Handling Systems in Use on Kentucky Livestock Farms, 1961. Douglas Morton Henshaw. 1965.

A Projection to 1970 and 1980 of Some Major Aspects of Kentucky Agriculture. Davis Alfred George Green. 1965.

The Effects of Acreage Allotments on Burley Tobacco Supply and Agricultural Resource Use in Selected Areas of Kentucky. Verner Neal Grise. 1965.

Some Aspects of Forestry Taxation in West Kentucky. Leroy K. Travis. 1965.

Effect of Assembling, Processing and Distributing Costs upon Total Handling Costs and Profit Margins in Egg Marketing. Steve A. Callahan. 1964.

Conventional and Unconventional Determinants of Market Performance. James E. Berry. 1964.

The Effect of Changing Burley Tobacco Allotments on Optimum Use of Resources for Farms in the Inner Bluegrass Region of Kentucky. Asa Irvin Overall. 1964.

An Economic Appraisal of Costs and Efficiency of Burley Tobacco Warehouse Firms in Kentucky, 1959. John Thomas Shields. 1964.

Resource Allocation on Small Farms in Bogor, Indonesia. Irlan Soejono. 1964.

Minimum Land Requirements and Farm Adjustments for Specified Levels of Labor Management Returns in the Bluegrass Regions of Kentucky. Charles M. Cuskaden. 1963.

A Study of Contract Cattle and Hog Enterprises in Kentucky. John A. Ewing. 1963.

The Economic Importance of Recreational Facilities and Related Services to Kentucky Farmers. Robert Louis Milam. 1963.

Possibilities in Expanding Income from Dairying in Mason County. William Bert Collins. 1962.

The Cost-Output Relationship of a Kentucky Farm-Supply Cooperative. William James Pratt. 1962.

The Effect of Market Structure on Louisville, Kentucky Hog Prices, 1959-1961. Harold G. Love. 1962.

Some Economic and Legal Considerations of the Closely-Held Farm Corporation. Leroy Seaton McMullan. 1962.

A Study of Experimental Crop Yields As Influenced by Rainfall in Kentucky. Sakyun Mok. 1962.

The Productivity of Some Input Factors in Rice Production in Demak Indonesia. Igusti Bagus Teken. 1962.

An Analysis of Production and Prices of White and Yellow Corn in Kentucky. Clyde T. Bates. 1961.

Problems of Defining the Size and Shape of Fluid Milk Market Areas in Kentucky. James C. Martin. 1961.

Factors Affecting the Demand and Use of Milk and Dairy Products in the Louisville, Kentucky Marketing Area. Dan W. Cain. 1960.

Economic Analysis of Feeding Alternative Hay Qualities with Concentrates to Dairy Cows. Charles W. Capstick. 1960.

Characteristics of Vegetable Producers and their Concepts and Attitudes Concerning Marketing in Boone, Kenton, and Campbell Counties. Robert M. Crouch. 1960.

Alternative Parity Formulas. Jachim G. Elterich. 1960.

Factors Affecting the Production and Pricing of Strawberries in Kentucky, 1939-1958. Paul G. Justis. 1960.

An Analysis of the Production Unit Cost Concept for Price Policy and Farm Management Decisions in Swiss Agriculture. Ulrich Nebiker. 1960.

Relationships between Role and Self Perceptions, Family Characteristics, Shopping Attitudes and Food Purchase Behavior. David Hollingsworth Spaeth. 1960.

An Empirical Study of the Effects of the Dark Tobacco Control Programs on the Dark Tobacco Industry, 1939-1941 and 1946-1958. John W. Adams. 1960.

Effects of the Irrigation on Farm Organization and Resource Productivity for a Sample of Philippine Rice Farms. Jesus C. Sta Iglesia. 1959.

Determination of Changes in Technology on a Sample of Western Kentucky Farms. Garnett Lowell Bradford. 1959.

Factors Affecting Milk Output and Supply Responses of Farmers in the Louisville Milkshed. Edwin A. Proctor. 1959.

Some Economic Aspects of Farm Woodlot Management in the Eastern Pennyroyal Area. Donald Shadoan. 1959.

The Demand for Eggs--With Application to Market Characteristics, Consumption, and Use Pattern in Three Kentucky Cities. James A. Street. 1959.

Economic Analysis of On-Farm Grain Storage In Western Kentucky. John Guy Stovall. 1959.

A Nonstochastic Approach to the Determination of an Optimal Hen Replacement Policy. W. Cleland White. 1959.

An Analysis of Price Variation for Selected Truck Crops in Kentucky. Bobby Joe Burnett. 1958.

An Agricultural Credit Study Pertaining to More Liberal Financing for Selected Agricultural Units. Horace G. Salmon. 1958.

Effects of Lease Type and Arrangement on Tenants and Landlords Chances of Survival and Capital Accumulation. Edward L. Conder. 1957.

A Study of the Decision Making of Farm Managers in Relation to Outputs and Specific Inputs. John W. Hubbard. 1957.

Selected Characteristics of Kentucky Rainfall. Gene A. Bramlett. 1957.

Land Values, Trends, and Factors Relating to Farm Land Values for Sixteen Selected Kentucky Counties, 1950-1956. Wei-Ping Liu. 1957.

Optimum Combinations of Enterprises on Farms in the Pennyroyal Area of Kentucky (as Determined by Linear Programming). Darrel H. Plaunt. 1957.

Marketing Strawberries Cooperatively, 1956. James Madison Ransom. 1957.

An Appraisal of Bulk Tank Handling--Some Practical and Theoretical Considerations. Zack C. Saufley. 1957.

Combination of Enterprises on Farms in an Industrial Area of Kentucky. Alfred L. Barr. 1957.

Economics of Selected Harvesting Machines and Complementary Equipment. Joe E. Fuqua. 1956.

An Economic Study of Changes in the Processing and Utilization of the Dark Tobaccos 1930-1954. Howard C. Giles. 1956.

An Economic Analysis of Shifts in Production Areas of Dark Tobaccos During the Government Acreage Adjustment Programs, 1933-1955. Robert L. Johnstone. 1956.

Economic Comparison of the Cage and Floor Methods of Egg Production. Donald G. Paris. 1956.

Some Aspects of Producing and Marketing Fresh Tomatoes in Northern Kentucky. William Cahill Woodrow. 1956.

Cream Marketing in Kentucky. Lowell E. Wilson. 1956.

Overpopulation Underdevelopment and Westernization. John S. Anthracopoulos. 1956.

Relative Profitability of Forage Consuming Livestock in the Eden Shale Area of Kentucky. Harold E. Barnhill. 1956.

A Study of Resource Use on Crop-Share and Livestock-Share Rented Farms in Central Kentucky. Alvin C. Egbert. 1955.

Field Seed Marketing in Kentucky with Special Reference to Orchard Grass. William T. Manley. 1955.

The Historical and Geographical Development of Production Credit Associations in Relation to the Expansion of Agriculture in Kentucky. William Samuel Bennett. 1954.

Some Aspects of Federal and State Laws, Rules and Regulations Affecting Livestock Marketing. Harvey L. King. 1954.

An Application of Advertising and Sales Promotion to the Sale of Dairy Products. Hughes H. Spurlock. 1954.

Marketing One-Variety Cotton in Georgia. Robert Floyd Anderson. 1954.

Price Differences for Slaughter Steers, 1932-1950 at Five Terminal Markets where Kentucky Steers are Sold. Wallace V. Campbell, Jr.. 1953.

A Study of Price Variation Among Burley Markets and the Adequacy of the Market News Service in Measuring Place and Time Price Risk. Carl Morgan Clark. 1953.

Economics of Supplemental Irrigation in Kentucky. George C. Bennett. 1953.

The Operation and Management of Loose-leaf Warehouses in Kentucky Tobacco Markets. Wilmer Browning. 1953.

Changed Agricultural Productive Capacity in Selected Western Kentucky counties, 1939-1949. Percy Robert Luney. 1953.

The Accuracy and Possible Improvements of the Present Marketing System in Pricing Kentucky Spring Lambs. James L. Pearson. 1953.

The Changes in the Seasonality of Numbers, Prices, and Average Weights of Sales and Spring Lambs on Kentucky Auction Markets, 1932-1950. Charles Harvey Ross. 1953.

Farm Rental Problems in the Tennessee Valley Counties of Western Kentucky. Wesley B. Sundquist. 1953.

Marginal Value Productivities of Inputs, Investments, and Expenditures on Upland Grayson County Farms during 1951. Thomas G. Toon. 1953.

Economic and Agronomic Concepts with Respect to Inputs and Outputs. Stephen Q. Allen. 1953.

Marketing and Merchandising Turkey, With Special Consideration of Trend and Demand Factors. Claude Gibson, Jr.. 1952.

Some Economic Aspects of the Evaporated Milk Industry: A Compendium. Millard Gipson. 1952.

The Place of Tobacco in the Development of Cooperative Marketing Legislation with Special Reference to the Period 1900 Through 1922 in Kentucky. Paul S. Harris. 1952.

Comparative Seasonal Analysis of Feeder and Slaughter Steer Prices. Kenneth Franklin Grizzell. 1951.

The Auction Market Demand for Burley Tobacco from 1933 through 1949. Dallas Milton Shuffet. 1951.

Changes in the Geographic Distribution of Burley Tobacco Acreage, 1934-1950. James F. Thompson. 1951.

A Technique for for Synthesizing Cost of Production Data--with Special Reference to Dairy Enterprises in Green and Taylor Counties of Kentucky. James Alton Wells. 1951.

The Use and Appraisal of Consumer Surveys in Marketing Research. Thomas Gaylord Brough. 1950.

A Study of the Dark Tobacco Cooperative Associations in Kentucky from 1931-1950 with Special Emphasis on Expectations, Accomplishments, and Membership Relations. Willard H. Minton. 1950.

The Egg Marketing System in Kentucky: Structure, Operation, and Appraisal. Thomas C. Morrison. 1950.

Selling Livestock at Kentucky Auction Markets in Graded Pen Lots. Elliot S. Clifton. 1949.

Procurement of Feeder Cattle by Kentucky Farmers in 1947. Edgar Armstrong Gilbert. 1949.

Labor, Equipment and Building Costs in Dairy Farming with Special Reference to Work Methods. Ben Haw Lowry. 1949.

An Economic Appraisal of Formula Pricing of Fluid Milk. Ulysses Grant Grayson, Jr.. 1949.

A Study of the Economic Aspects of Cotton Production and Marketing in China. Si-Lin Pan. 1949.

A Method for Determining Variable Costs and Returns by Farm Enterprises and Crop Rotations. Roy N. Van Arsdall. 1949.

Economic Analysis of the Dark tobacco Growers Cooperative Association of Western Kentucky and Tennessee. Carlos Clifton Erwin. 1948.

Time Used in Handling Tobacco in Looseleaf Auction Warehouses. Charles Augustus Hines. 1948.

Reclaming Brushland for Pasture in the Intermediate Bluegrass. Robert Forest Hutton. 1948.

A Comparitive Study of the Farmers' Bank of China and the Farm Credit Administration of the United States. Tien Ren Liao. 1948.

Efficiency of Looseleaf Auction in Pricing Individual Baskets. Ernest D. Gooch, Jr.. 1948.

The Economics of Corn Production. Keith Romould Vice. 1948.

Certain Economic Considerations in the Marketing of Green-Wrapped Tomatoes in Western Kentucky. Homer Clark Evans. 1948.

Some Economic Aspects of the Marketing of Feeder Pigs in Central Kentucky. John Thomas Buck. 1947.

A Study of Farm Wage Workers in Central Kentucky. Charles Edwin Bishop. 1947.

The Relation of Farm Income to Real Estate Values on Family-Sized Farms in Kentucky- 1931 to 1938 and a Method of Arriving at these Values. Cloy Veto Lyle. 1947.

Some Price and Marketing Aspects of Kentucky Butterfat. Moss Pitman Mills. 1947.

Economic Effect of Harvesting Methods and Stages of Ripeness upon Labor and Returns from Burley Tobacco. William B. Back. 1947.

How Increase Production and Income on Small Farms. Jewell Blaine Colliver. 1946.

Price Relationships between Grades of Burley Tobacco. Stoy Graham Witten. 1946.

Trends in Land Prices and Land Transfers in Shelby County and Other Selected Counties during the War Periods 1917-1920 and 1941-1944. Roy Lee Ballard. 1946.

Estimated Effect of Soil-Conserving Systems of Farming on Farm Income. William G. Survant. 1945.

A Budgetary Study of Important Systems of Farming in Two Sub-Areas of Hopkins County, Kentucky. Albert Irvin Eads. 1942.

Some Aspects of the Seasonal Price Variations for Types of Tobacco Grown in Kentucky. Wendell Chester Binkley. 1942.

Farmers' Cooperatives in Kentucky. Julian La Far Smith. 1942.

An Analysis of Farm Organization and Income on Tenant and Owner Operated Farms in Shelby County, Kentucky, in the Year 1939. Martin Graves Shearer. 1942.

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