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Agricultural Situation and Outlook

This publication is prepared by the faculty and staff of the Department of Agricultural Economics, University of Kentucky. These articles present information on the economic situation and outlook for Kentucky agriculture and are intended to assist farmers, agribusiness professionals, Extension field staff, and others with interest in agriculture and agribusiness. Information presented here is based on the most recent information and research available. However, the rapidly changing economic and policy conditions for agriculture limit the usefulness and life span of conclusions and recommendations cited here. Decision makers should keep these facts in mind. Feel free to use the information included in this publication for other uses, but please provide professional citation about the source. The papers contained in this publication are published without formal review and the views expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the University of Kentucky, the Agricultural Experiment Station, or the Cooperative Extension Service.


Fall 2014     Editor: Kevin Heidemann and Will Snell

Fall 2010     Editors: Sara Williamson and Kenny Burdine   

Presentation Slides for Educators (in powerpoint, by topic)

Fall 2009    Editors: Kenny Burdine and Sara Williamson    

Presentation Slides for Educators (in powerpoint, by topic)

Fall 2008    Editors: Sara Williamson and Kenny Burdine

Fall 2007    Editors: Chuck Corby and Kenny Burdine

Fall 2006    Editors: Jim Mansfield and Tim A. Woods

Fall 2005    Editors: Matt Ernst and Kenny Burdine

Kentucky Agricultural Outlook

2013   Editors: Kevin Heidemann, Steve Isaacs, and Will Snell

2012   Editors: Kevin Heidemann and Miranda Hileman

2011   Editors: Laura Powers and Kenny Burdine

2010    Editors: Kenny Burdine and Sara Williamson

2009    Editors: Laura Powers and Jennifer Hunter

2008    Editor: Laura Powers

2007    Editors: Linda Inman and Kenny Burdine

2006    Editors: Linda Inman, A. Lee Meyer and Gina Wilkie

2005    Editors: Linda Inman and A. Lee Meyer