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Alison F. Davis

The unique data were collected between June 2005 and August 2006, when Kentucky tobacco farmers were just beginning to adjust to the new economic environment. This dataset allows to study Kentucky farmers' responses to the Tobacco Buyout program and the dynamics of forming entrepreneurial intentions among rural Kentucky residents during the first years of the Post Tobacco Buyout Era.

The survey addressed a comprehensive set of issues related to tobacco production, adaptation to the post Tobacco Buyout environment, and entrepreneurial intentions. The collected data also provided information on farmers' personal, family, business, and community characteristics.

Kentucky Extension agents provided us with a list of tobacco frarmers and other residents in their counties. A stratified (by county population) random sample of five thousand rural residents was derived from the original list. All individuals from this list received a questionnaire that consisted of more than 60 questions designed to assess individuals' responses to the changing economic conditions. Approximately 200 randomly selected individuals among those who did not respond to the mailed survey received a follow-up phone call. Overall, 702 responses were collected.

The questionnaire and the data are publicly available:

Questionnaire - wave 1

Dataset - wave 1

If you would like to use the dataset in your research, please use the following citation: Pushkarskaya, Helen. 2006. Survey of Rural Kentucky Residents, 2005-2006.