Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service

Priority Indicator Data for FY98

Goal 1 - Improve the capacity of communities to identify and address critical issues that impact the lives of their citizens.

Extension was involved in 3,099 ongoing coalitions.

21,876 people increased their knowledge of governmental process.

6,260 additional people are ready to enter the work force.

21,182 individuals reported changes in knowledge, opinions, skills or aspirations related to economic or enterprise development.*

Goal 2 - Attain sustainability of agricultural and economic development systems that are globally competitive.

4,187 producers utilized new marketing opportunities.

19,280 farmers adopted one or more production practices that resulted in $24,754,761 in increased income.

26,996 individuals reported changes in knowledge, opinions, skills or aspirations related to the impact of public policies on agriculture and the environment.*

Goal 3 - Foster the development of personal and interpersonal skills, stimulate volunteer leadership, and promote active participation in community problem-solving.

34,829 citizens indicated increased leadership knowledge, skills or confidence through participation in leadership programs.

53,128 adults and youth utilized improved skills in communication, problem solving, or group process in addressing community issues and needs.

Extension addressed 3,051 significant community issues.

Goal 4 - Encourage the adoption of healthy lifestyles through a focus on proper nutrition, disease and injury reduction, and comprehensive health maintenance.

39,277 individuals adopted one or more practices designed to achieve a minimally balanced diet.*

21,447 individuals reported reduced intake of fats or increased intake of dietary fiber.

32,518 individuals know and follow time, temperature, and sanitation guidelines for safe food handling.*

23,585 individuals reported changes in knowledge, opinions, skills, or aspirations related to the safe handling of food.*

14,405 individuals adopted one or more recommended practices to increase access to food or make it more affordable.*

27,456 individuals adopted one or more personal health protection practices appropriate for their life cycle stage. (screening, immunizations, well-baby care, preventive health practices, exercise, etc.)

16,933 people adopted at least one new safety practice. (bicycle helmets, fire extinguishers, tractor roll bars, radon testing, smoke detectors, proper ATV operation, etc.)

618 joint programs were conducted with non-CES organizations that focused on comprehensive health maintenance.*

Goal 5 - Stimulate the acquisition of life skills needed by young people and adults in reaching their full potential as both individuals and members of families.

47,122 youth and adults demonstrated informed and effective decision-making.

13,593 individuals adopted one or more practices to reduce their debt or increase savings.*

15,305 individuals reported changes in knowledge, opinions, skills, or aspirations related to parenting.*

19,082 significant adult, youth, or family relationships were enhanced.

4,353 dependent care providers reported changes in knowledge, opinions, skills, or aspirations as a result of programs conducted by Extension.*

48,026 youth and adults demonstrated increased practical living skills.

50,295 youth acquired of one or more life skills as a result of participation in non-formal youth development programs conducted by Extension.*

Goal 6 - Improve environmental quality by encouraging the implementation of sound environmental practices and the effective stewardship of natural resources.

20,936 individuals adopted practices that insure safe water.

2,626 individuals utilized new forest management practices.

Conservation tillage practices were used on 1,740,645 acres of land.

33,396 individuals adopted one or more practices related to conserving, sustaining, and/or protecting soil resources.*

* Denotes an indicator elevated to priority status for the purpose of assisting CSREES with data collection needs associated with the Government Performance and Results Act.