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Program Development
The following resources are available to support program development process throughout the Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service.

Fundamentals of Program Development

The Program Development Process (Word Document)
Development of Linkages with the Public (Word Document)
Situation Analysis (Word Document)
Priority Setting (Word Document)
Program Design (Word Document)
Program Implementation (Word Document)
Evaluation and Accountability (Word Document)

Other Program Development Resources

Current Plans of Work

2007-08 Plan of Work (CMAP) Template (MS-Word)
View County Plans of Work
Kentucky's Plan of Work FY08
Kentucky's Plan of Work FY09

FY 08-12 Plan of Work Development Materials

County four year POW Overview Fact Sheet

Planning Guide for Developing County Plans of Work FY 09 - timeline (MS-Word)

Program Development Through the Plan of Work  (MS-PowerPoint)

Program Development - "Are You Smarter than a District Director"  (MS-PowerPoint)

Advisory Leader's Roles with the Extension Plan of Work  (MS-PowerPoint)

POW Template 2008-12 (MS-Word)

Plan of Work Development Inventory for the 2008-12 4-Year POW (MS-Word)

Verb Power (MS-Word)

Working with KY Advisory Councils on County POWs (MS-Word)

Programming Techniques Abstract (MS-Word)

CEC Membership Chart (MS-Excel)

Program Council Membership Chart (MS-Excel)

Affirmative Action/Civil Rights

Joint Civil Rights Performance Plan
County Affirmative Action Plan Template (MS-Word)



Logic Models and Featured Program Information for County Extension Agents


FY09 Featured Programs Questions to be answered by County Extension Agents in July, 2009 (MS-Word)

Program Accomplishment Codes (PACS) for Featured Programs
Logic Models
Evaluation Models
PAC 115 Horse College
PAC 122 Grain Crops Academy
PAC 123 Master Grazer
PAC 125 Innovative Tobacco Grower Program
PAC 221 Weight the Reality Series - Body Image
PAC 223 LEAP - Literacy, Eating and Activity for Preschool
PAC 233 Small Steps to Health and Wealth
PAC 331 Agritourism
PAC 412 Exploring My Pyramid with Professor Popcorn
PAC 431 4-H Speeches and Demonstrations
PAC 451 4-H Jump into Foods and Fitness


Other Logic Modeling Resources
Program Design (PDF Document)
Powerpoint Presentation on Program Design
W. K. Kellogg Foundation Logic Modeling Guide
University of Wisconsin Online Logic Modeling Course

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