Program and Staff Development

Program Development and Evaluation Resources

A Project of the Southern Region
Program and Staff Development Committee

General Program Development

Extension Education Learning System (North Carolina)
Proactive and Reactive Programs (North Carolina)
Planning for Performance: Developing Programs that Produce Results (Kentucky) PDF format
Using Logic Models for Program Development (Florida)
Principles of Effective Extension Educational Programs (Florida)
Logic Modeling Web Course (Wisconsin)

Integrated Research and Extension Programming

Models for Planning and Evaluating Collaborative Research and Extension (Private Sector)

Handout 1-2 for above paper (Private Sector)
Handout 3-4 for above paper (Private Sector)
Handout 5-6 for above paper (Private Sector)
Case Analysis for above paper (Private Sector)
Planning and Evaluating Integrated Research and Extension (USDA)

Program Determination

Situational Analysis (North Carolina)
The Concept of Needs (North Carolina)
Using Secondary Data for Needs Assessment (Florida)

Developing Program Plans

Targeting Audiences in Developing Program Delivery Systems (North Carolina)

Program Delivery

On-Farm Demonstrations (North Carolina)
Developing Learning Modules (North Carolina)
Program Delivery Methods (North Carolina)

Program Evaluation

Developing Cost and Benefit Estimates (North Carolina)
Extension Program Cost Analysis (North Carolina)
Using End-of-Meeting Questionnaires to Assess KOSA Change (Kentucky) PDF Format
Practical Strategies for Assessing Practice Change (Kentucky) PDF Format
Using Non-Participant Observers to Assess Program Impact (Kentucky) PDF Format
Documenting Practice Change with Mailed Questionnaires (Kentucky) PDF Format
Measuring Impact of Educational Programs (New Jersey) PDF Format
A Step-By-Step Guide to Developing Questionnaires and Survey Research Procedures for Program Evaluation & Research (New Jersey) PDF Format
Choosing a Data Collection Method for Survey Research (New Jersey) PDF Format
Maximizing Response Rate and Controlling Nonresponse Error in Survey Research (New Jersey) PDF Format
Choosing Appropriate Research Methods to Evaluate Educational Programs (New Jersey) PDF Format
CYFERNet Evaluation Resources (USDA)
Conducting a Customer Satisfaction Survey (Florida)
Using Focus Interviews for Evaluating Extension Programs (Florida)
Using Focus Groups in Program Development and Evaluation (Kentucky) 
Reflective Appraisal of Programs (RAP) (USDA)
Program Evaluation Tip Sheets (Pennsylvania)


Writing Program Success Stories (North Carolina)
Collecting Accountability Information (North Carolina)
Extension Accountability (North Carolina)
Determining Extension Program Economic Benefit Value (North Carolina)
The Fast and Easy Way to Write Effective Success Stories (Florida)