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Interactive Games - Livestock Identification

  • For best result set your monitor’s screen resolution to 1024 X 768 or even higher.
  • All Games now have a choice of 4 main sounds. Use the "Stop" and "Play" button to randomly select the sound you like.
  • These games are viewed using the Flash Player. In case of Flash Related Problems, visit Macromedia’s web site where you can download the newest version of Flash Player.
  • These games may take up to 1 minute to display. On a 56K Internet connection you may only see a blank white page at first. Do not worry, the game is loading. Be patient. All games are 170 - 350K. It takes around 1 minute to load one game on a 56K Internet connection.

Skeletal System Diagrams

Basic Body Parts Diagrams

Major Cuts of Meat Diagrams

Directions for Drag-Drop GAMES

Match the appropriate word to the location of the animal that best represents that body part. Click once on the name of the body part, drag the word to the part of the animal that it represents, then click again to place the word in that specific location on the diagram.

Each time you move a word to a new location the number counter on the screen will advance. The counter will advance for both right and wrong selections. The goal of this exercise is to place all identifications for the animal in the correct location and achieve a 100% score.

When the game opens, maximize the new window to enlarge the game by clicking on the box in the upper right hand corner of the window.

Beef Cattle Breeds - Different Design (1.07 MB)
Diary Cattle Breeds - Different Design (0.8 MB)

Directions for Multiple Choice GAMES

You will be presented with a picture of the breed of livestock and 4 multiple choice answers. The object is to correctly identify each breed as quickly as possible.

Play the game first time several times to try and improve your score.

Have FUN!

Note: Many games and many questions - If you find a part of the game that you believe is in error - for instance, you are absolutely positive that particular picture is an Angus Breed even though the game marks that as an incorrect answer, please let us know. We will be happy to correct that mistake.