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Digestive Tract of Chicken

  1. Mouth/Beak
    • gather and break down feed

  2. Esophagus
    • tube from mouth to stomach that is open at the mouth end

  3. Crop
    • feed storage and moistening

  4. Proventriculus
    • glandular stomach (HCI and gastric juices); enzymatic

  5. Gizzard
    • muscular stomach; mechanical breakdown
  6. Small Intestine
    • enzymatic digestion and absorption
    • Functions of the small intestine: digestion of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats; absorption of the end products of digestion
    • Enzymes in the small intestine

  7. Ceca - essentially non functioning in monogastrics

  8. Large Intestine
    • bacterial activity
    • water absorption
    • waste storage
  9. Cloaca
    • common chamber for GI and urinary tracts
  10. Vent
    • common exit for GI and urinary tracts

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