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UK Publications:

Rabies in Horses ASC-125

Core Vaccination Program and Infectious Disease Control for Horses: ASC-176

Botulism: A Deadly Disease That Can Affect Your Horse: ASC-173

Heaves in Horses: ASC-172

Evaluating the Health of Your Horse: ID-179

Wobbler Syndrome in Horses ID-182


Audio Program

Managing Your Overweight Horses
Featuring Dr. Camargo

Other Health Care Resources:

  Fun & Fast Facts About Horse Care and Horse Health Care
The Kentucky Horse Council

American Association of Equine Practitioners


Horse Health

Is Your Horse Healthy
Kentucky Horse Council: HorseSmarts DVD

Veterinarian-client-Patient Relationships
American Veterinarian Medical Association

Veterinarian-Client Patient Relationships Poster
American Veterinarian Medical Association


Other References:

Horsekeeping Almanac by Cherry Hill

All Horses Systems Go by Nancy S. Loving
(this book is excellent for everything related to horses).

Body Condition Scoring

Hoof Care

Poisonous Plants

Equine Field Day: Spindletop Farm
- Photo by Jimmy Henning

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