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Ag Economics Risk Management-
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Issue Topic - Beef

Programming Needs


Economic information and up to date Budgets. 

More specific dollars spent per dollar income.

Input costs continue to increase.

Decision Making tools on buying/selling cattle when things get tough. 

Long Range Planning Tools

Liquidation of cow herds, equipment.

Cooperative marketing-buying and selling

Beef Enterprise Budgets, Version 2008--1.0 .


Materials are available through Agricultural Economics and Plant & Soil Science

Decision aids agent training was conducted during the Fall updates


Optimal Nitrogen Application Rates for Stockpiling Tall Fescue Pastures 2008 Guide (AEC 2008-06)  


Economic Considerations for Stocking Rate Decisions
PowerPoint 2008 Ag Update

Forages Update Handout: Extending Grazing and Reducing Stored Feed Needs PowerPoint 2008 Ag Update


The results of reduced imports impact on producers and some alternative feeding programs.

Optimal Nitrogen Application Rates for Stockpiling Tall Fescue Pastures 2008 Guide (AEC 2008-06) 


Profitability of Spring Hayfield Nitrogen Applications-2008

Comparing Different Fertilizer Sources

Publications on the economics of spring fertilizer and stockpiled fescue.


Kenny Burdine continues to run feed numbers regularly for winter feeding of cows and backgrounding.  These were shared with agents during October Economic Subject Matter trainings and during fall agent training.  As for vaccines, that is usually not a place that costs cutting is recommended


Economic Considerations for Stocking Rate Decisions
PowerPoint 2008 Ag Update

Forages Update Handout: Extending Grazing and Reducing Stored Feed Needs


Cost calculators are needed:

to show the yearly cost of maintaining a beef cow and for feeder calves

Beef Enterprise Budgets, Version 2008--1.0 .


Information is needed on BMP’s for more efficient production in light of higher input costs

Ky. Beef Book and Beef IRM Management Calendar

Economic Considerations for Stocking Rate Decisions
PowerPoint 2008 Ag Update

Forages Update Handout: Extending Grazing and Reducing Stored Feed Needs


Issue Topic - Beef Nutrition

Programming Needs Resources
User friendly ration balancing program that is simple to use, similar to the one from Ohio State used by Jeff Lehmkuhler during Cow college,
In-service trainings for Producers 
Descriptive Publications

Dr. Jeff Lehmkuhler will host a CENTRA event for agents to give them an opportunity for a refresher/introduction to: 

            a) UK Ration software,

               b) OK Cowculator

               c) Taurus.

Planned for  November/Early December time frame.


Commodity Feeds: By-Products and Co-Products PowerPoint 2008Ag Update

Issue Topic - Grains

Programming Needs


A grain marketing specialist is needed to assist agents with Grain Marketing, Newsletters, and timely updates.  Specific needs include information on how to use grain marketing tools, such as futures and options

Dr. Cory Walters has been hired.

(Cory is already scheduling and holding meetings and is updating his web site with more educational material)

Thinking through Corn Silage Economics by Kenny Burdine and Greg Halich, September 2009

Corn and Soybean Budgets 2009  Greg Halich. October, 2008

Corn Price Predictions for 2008 by Greg Halich, from Economic and Policy Update, June 2008

Grain Farmer Decisions About Prices and the CRP by Dick Trimble from Economic and Policy Update June 2008

Is it possible to achieve a compromise between grain prices for an alternative fuels and grain prices for livestock?

Corn and Soybean Budgets 2009. Greg Halich. October, 2008

Corn Price Predictions for 2008 by Greg Halich, from Economic and Policy Update, June 2008

Grain Farmer Decisions About Prices and the CRP by Dick Trimble from Economic and Policy Update June 2008

Alternative Fuels Website

Alison Davis spoke to a HS class

Constantly updated agriculture publications are needed

EX: soybean management & horticulture


All publications should be user friendly for producers.

Soybean management needs updating. [Lee]


ID 160 Tobacco Production Guide will be updated every two years. [Pearce] 2009-2010 Kentucky & Tennessee Tobacco Production Guide


In response to this concern a new web site has been developed with easily accessible answers to this and related questions [Ag Econ]

Precision Ag Pubs, Demos & Meetings are needed


PA-1: Elements of Precision Agriculture: Basics of Yield Monitor Installation and Operation
   - PDF format  -Web Version (for viewing on-line)

PA-2:  Guidelines for the Adoption of Precision Agriculture Practices
    - PDF format -Web Version (for viewing on-line)

PA-3: Elements of Precision Agriculture: Lightbar Guidance Aids
    - PDF format  -Web Version (for viewing on-line)

PA-4: Implementing Precision Agriculture: Choosing the Right Lightbar
PDF format -Web Version (for viewing on-line)

PA-5: Elements of Precision Agriculture: GPS Simplified
PDF format-Web Version (for viewing on-line)

PA-6: Implementing Precision Agriculture: What Will This

Investment Cost?
    - PDF format

PA-7: Implementing Precision Agriculture: Connecting a GPS to Other Devices
PDF format

·         Precision Farming Economic Worksheet




Economic pro vs. con information for new technology is needed

Carl Dillon’s research is supporting BAE work in this area

Several publications are on the Precision Ag web page.  Reorganization is planned to enhance usability. 

Grain/Soil Specialist are encouraged to consider best management practices taking into account today’s high cost of inputs

Corn Production on Sod Ground Planning Budget and Guide for 2008.  


Corn and Soybean Budgets 2009.


Thinking through Corn Silage Economics


Wheat and Wheat Double-Crop Soybean Budgets 2008-2009.


Grain Crops Publications and Newsletters website


There are currently two specialists for Soils Management and two specialists for Grain Crops Production.  Specialists are constantly trying to develop BMP’s. The approach: understand the underlying biological interactions that maximize yield, efficiency, etc. From the agronomic side, we generally allow the producer to put his/her own numbers into the system to determine the best economical option.  Ag Econ has several newsletters and updated partial budgets to give the farmers a place to start. [Lee]


Information is disseminated by memo’s, field days, meetings, updates, phone calls and e-mails by the hundreds [Murdock]

Issue Topic - Alternative Feed
Programming Needs


365 Day Grazing – Advanced Master Grazer.  Using various types of distilled by products (cell lose, wet cake, etc.), Bulk Orders

Research into alternative feeds for all livestock, to offset feeding expense

Materials to help farmers reduce dependency on hay and high priced commodities

Dairy- A factsheet is available through UK on “Using Byproducts to Feed Dairy Cattle” (ASC-136.)  In addition, a national DAIReXNET webinar was held in August 2008 regarding steps involved in deciding when to include various byproducts.  This webinar is archived on the website

Commodity Feeds: By-Products and Co-Products PowerPoint 2008Ag Update

Issue Topic - Horticulture-Home and Commercial
Programming Needs


Short course for Master Gardner, smaller counties.

Formalize the Home Gardening Toolbox Series. 

Develop PowerPoints, etc for agents to use and to present programs on Gardening, ANR, Food Security, and Horticulture 

Rick Durham, Tim Coolong, John Strang, Terry Jones, Joe Masabni

Master Gardener Programs

ID-128 Home Vegetable Gardening

Strang has PowerPoint that Agents can use on Fruit


HORT FACT 3003 Home Fruit Variety Recommendations

Basic information on gardening for special needs children/families

ID-128 Home Vegetable Gardening

UK CES ANR website: AgrAbility

Growing Vegetables

ID-128 Home Vegetable Gardening

Gardening for Beginners

The Gardener’s Toolbox is a series of classes developed by Horticultural Agents that introduces gardening basics.

Home Gardening for a Small Family (4 person)

This has been addressed

Need more curriculum for youth K-12 horticulture projects, i.e. hands-on activities for large groups, short 45 minute classes

No resources located

Issue Topic - Horticulture Marketing
Programming Needs


Listings of nontraditional markets; Professional marketers contact information by crop or specialty;

Information on why should I shop Farmer’s Market or buy locally (Health benefits)

FCS Consumer Series

Farmer’s Market


Kentucky Marketmaker

Continue WIC and Senior Coupons

Credit Card pilot

-Research results on Buying Trends Survey

Consumptions Trend Survey

GAP Sample Certification

Advertising Grants

KY food consumer panel and many related extension programs by Tim Woods

A series of workshops/meetings/tours, etc., with the ultimate intent to provide a complete curriculum designed to make farmers or business person who attends the series very competent in direct marketing.

Marketing of Specialty Crops workshop in November 2008.

Ten persons from Owen attended Growing Local Economies – Case studies will be integrated into MarketMaker

Kentucky MarketMaker (New profile!)

Kentucky Restaurant Rewards Program Factsheet

Marketing Fresh Produce at Farmers Markets

Marketing at Produce Auctions

Marketing Fresh Produce to Restaurants

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Pick-Your-Own (U-Pick) Marketing

Grower Cooperatives (Co-ops)

Marketing Asian Produce

Marketing Via the Internet

Develop a newsletter(similar to Parent Express idea) that would feature each fruit and vegetable and other food crops (honey, mushrooms, etc.) that is typically grown in KY, to include numerous recipes, storage and selection info, and interesting facts relating to that particular product.  One that could be edited in each county.  KY. Recipe Cards for many home produce are available with storage, recipes and food preparation tips. 
Information for small, rural counties markets and Farmer’s Markets in general

Ky. Farmer’s Market Report

KY Proud

KDA Farmer’s Market Website

Develop local arts & crafts; music venues

KY Proud  


Issue Topic - Miscellaneous Horticulture

Programming Needs


Updated publications needed on installing trickle irrigation; with courses/resources

Richard Warner and Tim Coolong are currently working on this

Design guideline links will be listed on BAE web page.  Course is taught in BAE on a periodic basis.  Is this an area for agent training?

Publications located at BAE website Trickle Irrigation

Series of demonstrations through-out growing season that focuses on the entire production system of table & wine grapes

Growing Grapes in Kentucky (ID-126)


Numerous Publications under grapes  located on New Crops website

2008 Fruit and Vegetable Research Report

2008 Research Report • Nursery and Landscape Program

Currently Kentucky bases wind grape price estimates on last year’s crop and what surrounding states are projecting.  We need price outlooks based on current crop and season conditions.

Tim Woods has a multi-year budget and provides related information

Enterprise Budgets for grapes

Growing Cut Flowers Workbook Includes: Soil Prep, Weed Control, Plant Selection, Pricing, Marketing, Pest Control, etc.

New Crops website

Printed information needed on high tunnel production (early and late production), benefits of season extension.

Numerous crops are being successfully grown using hydroponics.

Fact sheets for herbs, vegetables, flowers and organic pesticide control methods.

High tunnel – Kenny Seebold & Tim Coolong working on pub for this.   Should be available this winter.

Green House and Other Structures Factsheet


ID-36: Vegetable Production Guide for Commercial Growers

includes organic pesticide & cultured recommendations


ID-21: Disease and Insect Control Programs for Homegrown Fruit includes organic pesticide recommendations for fruit

Currently working on crop profiles on high tunnel tomatoes & high tunnel greens; season extension tools & techniques and additional related problems

Principles of Landscape Design Publication that includes plant list for different sites.

Examples: wet, drought tolerant, privacy planting, native, annual, poor soil, foundation, shade, sun, etc.

Need publication with color pictures

Landscape Design With Plants (HO-62)

Principles of Home Landscape Fertilization (ID-72)


Trees, Shrubs, Ground Covers and Vines Suitable for Kentucky Landscapes (HO-61) 

Practical Tips for Homeowners

Amanda A. Gumbert

Home Composting: A Guide to Managing Yard Wastes (HO-75)

Need single publication that covers basics of fruit tree pruning

Video Library

VI-HO-0120 Fruit Tree Pruning Video

VHO-0249 Pruning Apple Trees to a Central Header Video

HORT FACT 3501 Training & Culture of Dwarf Apples Using the Vertical Axis System

Working with producers and non-profits with excess produce donated to non-profits for tax deductions.

Kentucky Farm Business Management specialists will make farmers aware of this tax deduction

Issue Topic - Ag Economics

Financial Planning for farmers

When and how to transitioning to allow for a comfortable retirement. How to retire.

Publication and PowerPoints and In-service training on options surrounding Farm Transitioning and Estate Planning, work on a linking program for those wanting to enter agriculture and those who are exiting.

Include communication among all family members.  Explore  farmer ideas 


Pilot Program underway

A farm transition CES program was scheduled December 13-14. 

People from KY will be applying for the new southern RME grants targeted to new and transition farmers

Tools for outreach to aid farmers.

Check sheet for farmers.

Introductory programs that will allow producers to transition into the Farm Business Analysis Program.

Farm Business Analysis Program

KFBM has brochures and introductory materials.  Annie’s project is a good introductory program

Programs to promote/encourage next generation farmers.

Possible cost share programs to entice and maintain rural youth in production agriculture.

Will apply early next year for funding from National Institute for Food and Agriculture.


A farm transition CES program is scheduled December 13-14.

Follow up to Annie’s Project – round 2 or seminar type programs on specific issues.  Especially need more information on types of multi-generational family farm business.

Looking for resources to develop  second-level programming

Farm Women Workshop

Resources available - Annie’s project has been conducted and is on-going

Annie's Project Website

Issue Topic - Risk Management-Crop Insurance

Information on crop insurance – selecting the right policy, determining need.

Discuss and develop tools for FSA programs and disaster programs.

Information on insurance for Agritourism producers.

Better understanding how to manage increased risks.

Crop Insurance publications & training for agents to facilitate understanding of terminology. 

Pubs and computer programs to weigh/value

Statewide Financial Knowledge and Risk Management.  Training – County, Area, State

eXtension available

Cory Walters will be emphasizing this in his CES programming

The new farm bill funding is geared toward new farmers

Issue Topic - Labor
Programming Needs Resources

Need continued education of farmers on the laws and regulation for H2A workers.  Need more training materials in Spanish, such as KY State Driving Training Manual and General WPS training.

Develop website to compile forms and labor resources.

Labor Education Management website

Laura Powers has developed this and will be doing related CES programming

Labor Efficiency-farmers need assistance with teaching employees how to enhance efficiency, quality and productivity, also address higher cost of workers’ compensation and wages.

Labor Education Management website

Management First Resources

KFBM membership and participation would assist here.


Issue Topic - Forages

Programming Needs


Expand and develop on-farm demonstrations including a year around grazing scheme

Listing locations so producers can visit sites. 

Master Grazer Program, Grazing Field Days, Demonstration farms

Heart of America Grazing Conference

Extending the Grazing Season & Reducing Stored Feed Pub. (in press)

Continuing to expand Forage Website

Monthly items in Forage News [Lacefield]

Develop rotational grazing systems approach with alternatives to maximize number of grazing days to reduce use of high priced corn.  Develop short handouts

Master Grazer Program

ID-143 Rotational Grazing

Kenny Burdine and Lee Meyer

Forages Update Handout: Extending Grazing and Reducing Stored Feed Needs

AGR-85 - Efficient Pasture Systems

AGR-162 - Stockpiling for Fall & Winter Pasture

AGR-191 - Using a Grazing Stick for Pasture Management

Evaluate Bermuda grass as a warm season alternative, new seeded varieties, etc.

Current Forage Variety Trials

Assist with obtaining resources and conducting county plots. [Lacefield]

Develop forage fescue stockpiling demonstrations

Fescue Stockpiling

Optimal Nitrogen Application Rates for Stockpiling Tall Fescue Pastures 2008 Guide (AEC 2008-06) 

AGR-162 Stockpiling for Fall and Winter Pastures 

Develop cost comparison calculators for charging for hay production (online and hard copy)

Greg Halich does custom rate publications and related programs

Weed control handout for Agents (Top 10 Weeds)

Weed Management in Grass Pastures Hayfields, and Fencerows  AGR-172

In process of developing a poster with pasture weed problems [Green]

Publication and PowerPoint (with speaker notes) on how to and the benefits of co-grazing

Research is currently underway at Quicksand

Techniques and procedures on how to operate a successful pasture walk style of program, one that focuses to a typical better-than-average cattle producer, but not a die-hard intensive grazing manager.

Some info from other states

Master Grazer Demonstration Farms & Field Days, County Field Days, Grazing Conferences [Lacefield]

Issue Topic - Hay Storage
Programming Needs


Cost share programs for forage improvement have farmers interested in hay storage, hay feeding, silage storage, silage feeding.  However, they need facility plans and designs.  Plans for these facilities are need updating.  Designs and pictures need to be put together.

Ag. Eng, An. Science and Forage Spec. need to work with agents to develop facility systems and plans.  This group also needs to research feeding hay at a permanent feeding area verses unrolling round bales on pasture verses round bales fed in lots in feeders.  A good bulletin showing designs, pictures of good facilities and comparison results is needed.

Improving Quality of Hay, Utilizing New and Existing Storage Facilities for marketing and improving feed quality.  In-service Trainings, County and Regional Demonstrations, Publications, Fact/FAQ Sheets.

BAE web page has several resources at the Hay Storage Systems web site

Several of the links are broken.  These will be revised.  Work was conducted on feeding pads and is summarized in AEN-79 as well as several AEU updates.  Additional resources will be identified.

Updated plans list and more plans available on UK website.

This item must be discussed at the administrative level.  There is a significant liability issue to be resolved if BAE is to develop plans that will require a PE to stamp.

Issue Topic - Soil Fertility
Programming Needs


Farmers are looking for ways to cut fertilizer costs and are willing to try alternative fertilizers.  Farmers need long range plans for managing existing soil nutrients.  Need resources that reflect current economic situation

Comparing Different Fertilizer Sources


Publication on how to utilize animal wastes as fertilizer- Nutrient analysis- and management tips on timing of application and application methods and equipment

Biosystems & Ag Engineering

Animal Waste on Cropland  Factsheet

Revised sheets on crops, grain, forages, pasture and tobacco.  Minimum N-P- needed and use of various alternatives to achieve varied yield goals

AGR-1 is still our recommendations.  By methods outlined above, we are recommending temporary reductions in fertilizers depending on crop and use and timing.  It is impossible to completely redo all recommendations base on what we think is temporary prices. [Murdock]

Tobacco fertilization guidelines were revised down about 3 years ago to better reflect actual crop need.  Information is available in AGR-1 and  ID 160.  New ID 160 will include some information on reducing P and K use through placement.  [Pearce]

A management system to reduce fertilizer requirements needs to be developed.  Investigate natural versus commercial fertilizers.

AGR-1  and other bulletins from Plant and Soil Science Department newsletters

See comments above.  We are strongly recommending manure and other alternatives and the information is found in existing publications such as AGR-146 [Murdock]

Budgets to help explain when the price of fertilizer is too high for producers to use and when they should cut back production.

Decision aids were discussed during agent training

Greg Halich has publication on stockpiling fescue and spring hay fertilization.  One of 3 day sessions dedicated to this topic

Optimal Nitrogen Application Rates for Stockpiling Tall Fescue Pastures 2008 Guide (AEC 2008-06) 

Agent In-Service – Fertilizer choices for Forage Production, Fertilizer Enhancement Materials, Economics of Forage Production with High Priced and Limited Fertilizer Nutrients.  Producer – Publications Addressing High Price Forage Fertilizer Issues.

See above comments. [Murdock]

Program on using manure as a nutrient source, handling the material, and finding the fertilize value

Producers want to know the most environmentally safe way to apply poultry litter (tillage, no till, etc.)

UK pubs

AGR-1, AGR-146  also see Soil Science news and views. [Murdock]

We need agent training and management publications available to identify useful cover crops that meet needs of improving soil tithe, enhance nutrient utilization, and reduce soil borne disease for grain, tobacco, and commercial vegetable fields.  This is an issue identified by extension leadership.

Plan to conduct experiment this fall (2008) in Daviess Co. comparing several fall-planted cover crops followed by tobacco transplanted into same areas in Spring 2009. [Bailey]

We have some general information on cover crops for tobacco in   ID 160.  “Field selection, tillage, and fertilization section.  [Pearce]

Kenny Seebold gave presentation on how cover crops influence soil borne disease at Fall update training.

Explore more cost-effective ways to apply lime and fertilizer.  Decision aids for variable rate application and intensive management wheat are needed

Wheat Production Guide (ID-125).  is in the process of being updated. [Lee]

See Soil Science News and Views.  Several articles in that series [Murdock]


Issue Topic - Soils

Programming Needs


Power point on major Soil Series in County

Species on different soil types.  Specific to crop types.

Information on drainage on the farm.

Develop awareness of the website.

What are the yield responses for specific soils?

USDA Drainage Guide


Tiling information from Greg Halich

Lack of generated data from KY on economic benefits of tiling crop land.  Facts and figures from surrounding states are available.  Need research to better educate farmers on economic benefits of tiling in various soils and characteristics across the state.

Need information for West KY soils.

Two workshops have been presented in Hopkins county and will have a decision aid by the beginning of 2009

Best sources of information are out of Ohio State, where research was conducted on flat, heavy clay soils in NW Ohio. [Lee]


Issue Topic - Diversification

Programming Needs


Information for new, beginning farmers or those who have just purchased a farm and want to know their options for the farm.

Forestry Extension Publications on options for farm owners

KY Division of Forestry materials

This is a very wide topic: for grain crop farmers: numerous publications are available on crop production. Knowing where to start may be a challenge and new farmers should use county agents as a resource. The county agent can direct the new farmer to the proper publications, workshops, etc. that are currently available. [Lee]

New Crop Opportunities Center Website (Hort)

In response to this concern a new web site has been developed with easily accessible answers to this and related questions[Ag Econ]

Add Equine, sheep, and other resources to New Crop Opportunities site.

Develop a New Farm Enterprise Website!

Crops, livestock, bees, grapes, mushrooms, etc. 

Have decision making Tools and budgets, (budgets don’t account for rural counties that don’t have access to inputs)

Develop feasibility material for enterprises and include the specialist name that can be contacted.

Decision making tools-what can I grow where

New Crop Opportunities Center

This resource is focused on crops.  Good website on equine & goats needed.

Crop profiles include honey, grapes, mushrooms, etc.

Specialists names for crop problems are available to agents at also other agents with expertise & growers.

Materials to show how farmers can make more money by changing crops or livestock

New Crop Opportunities Center

Enterprise budgets page

Pubs/Fact Sheets on production; Annual Calendar on beekeeping

Kentucky State University Apiculture Website

Phil Craft, State Apiarist,

Demonstrations of products, subject matter managements.  Set up different programs in the county showing diversification for farmers.

Extension Associates to conduct farm demonstrations at the county level for livestock related enterprises.

GOAP Agricultural Diversification Programs, New Crop Opportunities Center

UK Forestry Extension reports and materials on non-timber products (e.g., shiitake mushrooms, Christmas trees, etc.)


Issue Topic - Organic Crop Products

Programming Needs


Updated and accurate information regarding organic vegetable and animal production.

Brochures/factsheets detailing benefits of buying local produce, myths of organics, variety information on taste for local markets


New Crop Opportunities Center  Website Organic profiles; one on sustainable Ag; one on food & marketing eco-labels; working on crop by crop organic profiles – e.g. organic sweet corn

Kentucky State University Organic Website

 ATTRA USDA Organic information website

Mark Williams, Tim Coolong are working on SARE proposal for professional development/training in sustainable vegetable production.  Pre-proposal accepted.


Organic Supplement guide to ID-128 with recommendations for weed control, insect control, cover crops, cultivars, etc.

Brochures, fact sheets, consumer information.

Pubs in organic lawn care, landscape care, fruit and vegetable care, etc.

ID-21 Home fruit spring guide


New Crop Opportunities Center  Website  Crop profiles

Issue Topic - Equipment Use
Programming Needs


Publication/Canned PPT that describes best maintenance and operating techniques that improves efficiency and durability of Ag. Production equipment (tractors/implements), new equipment.

Fuel efficiency, selecting equipment. 

PowerPoint presentation on fuel efficiency.  Publications needed or agent resources needed on alternative fuel usage.

AEN- 94 Saving Fuel in the Field

AEN-93 Proper Tire and Ballast Inflation


Issue Topic - Equine
Programming Needs


Address issue of horse slaughter and unwanted animal issue.

Convene a meeting with stakeholders to find solutions.

Resources on liability issues with boarding horses and trail rides

What is the differences and similarities between thoroughbred and trail horses.

2008 ANR updates covered unwanted horse topic.

A meeting on the issue of the unwanted horse with all involved stakeholders would be better served if a group such as the KY Horse Council hosted the meeting.

Northern Kentucky Horse Network is already looking into this issue.

Unwanted Horse Coalition eXtension

Unwanted Horse Coalition Welcomes New Members - eXtension News

Trails issues are being addressed by KY Horse Council.

The issue is care of the horse not the type of horse.

Resource development with the equine industry

UK Equine Initiative.

Fact sheets, updated publications, PowerPoints are needed on equine topics such as vaccination program, nutrition/feeding, hoof care, dentistry, horsemanship for pleasure horse owners and trail construction

Equine agents group is looking at programming needs

Horse College, Horse Owners grazing program, Horse Quest (eXtension), Equine page on UK page.

KY Horse Council has a trail committee.

Vaccinating Horses 2008 Ag Update

Vaccinating Horses Handout: Vaccinations for Foals 2008 Ag Update

Vaccinating Horses Handout:  Vaccinations for Adult Horses 2008 Ag Update

 Meeting Nutrient Needs: Forage Selection 2008 Ag Update

Feeding Pleasure Horses PowerPoint 2008 Ag Update

Feeding Pleasure Horses Handout: ASC-114 Basic Horse Nutrition

Feeding Pleasure Horses Handout: ASC-172 Heaves in Horses


General Horse Care Information

Are there opportunities for horse owners/business to offer services/support to the activities of the 2010 games?  Stabling, training centers, feed supplies, etc.  If so how can the Extension Service promote those opportunities?

Horse College.

This information is handled by the World Equestrian Games Committee

World Equestrian Games website

Basic Horse maintenance and care educational materials


UK Equine Initiative

The Unwanted Horse  2008 Ag Update

The Unwanted Horse Unwanted Horses and the AVMA's Policy on Horse Slaughter FAQ's

Dr. Bob Coleman, Equine Specialist

HorseQuest On line resource

Horse College

Educate potential horse owners on breed of horses that have a purpose.

Horse College covers his topic

The 2010 Alltech FEI World Games are coming to our KY Horse Park September – October, 2010.  We need information to explain this to both children (4th, 5th & 6th graders) and adults.

A committee is in place for this.

World Equestrian Games website      

Training for leader on specifics of conducting trail rides.  Need assistance in developing local venues

KY Horse Council is developing this information.

Canned field programs for agents to conduct basic horse programs.  Pubs/facts on service or cost per service.

Horse College

Agent Equine Workgroup is working on this

Issue Topic - Poultry
Programming Needs


Resources for agents on Poultry Production on a small scale

Small poultry flock management materials.  Perhaps form a small agent and specialist work group to address issues.  Agent training needed.

A publication to assist small home flock enthusiasts to manage small home poultry enterprises.  Management, Production, Marketing.

Tony Pescatore/UK CES, Jaquie Jacob, Extension Associate

This topic was offered as a potential topic for the 2008 ANR Update only one of three regions selected it for their update. Agent training was presented at that regional training in October 2008. Updated materials will be prepared in 2009 and website will be updated.

Poultry Resource website 

Poultry Small Flocks Website

Backyard and Pasture Poultry
PowerPoint 2008 Ag Update


Issue Topic - Goats and Sheep
Programming Needs


Need educational pubs and research on sheep and goats

Goat feeds and forages-alternative to high feed costs

New topics is parasite control due to buildup of resistance to integrated parasite management.

Goat Resource Website at UK

Goat Production Update PowerPoint 2008 Ag Update  

Goat Production Update Handout: Selection Practices for Improved Goat Production

Goat Production Update Handout: Breeding Season

Goat Production Update Handout: Kidding Season

Publications nearly ready to print. Agent Training on Goat Production was held in Frankfort  in  October of  2008.

Goat Symposium at KSU

Sheep Resource Website at UK

District 2 has plans for a CENTRA based goat & sheep training in 2009

Issue Topic - Intergraded Ag Production
Programming Needs


Input and Income have changed, 1990’s → 2002

Now →05 Current=all data is different from past

Moneywise Website

Materials are being updated.  Decision making tools are being updated. Most budget worksheets are interactive and specific to each producer. 

Budgets and Decision Making Tools Site

Mechanization efficiency, Grain efficiency

Forage efficiency-work with resources to see if a similar program is available. 

Develop program on equipment use for soybeans fields, on farm program.

Expand the Grain Crops Academy

Grain efficiency working with Sam McNeil, handling the mechanics.

Grain Calculators and Tools site

Tim Stombaugh has developed two new extension publications on fuel efficiency. 

AEN- 94 Saving Fuel in the Field

AEN-93 Proper Tire and Ballast Inflation

Will look into options on equipment maintenance.

Grain handling programs have been offered in the past by Sam McNeill.  Guidelines for layout of drying and storage facilities are available on the web page.  Will search for additional handling resources to add to page.  Sam McNeill and Mike Montross have been part of grain crops academy.  Should this role be expanded?  Web resources are lacking in the area forage equipment efficiency.

Everyone is struggling to make ends meet with the high fuel prices so several farmers have identified the need to have materials that address how to increase farm efficiency and cut expenses without sacrificing profitability

Considering high input prices of feed, fuel, seed and fertilizer, efficiency is critical to increase profitability.

-Applying fertilize according to soil test.

-Seeding ratios.

-Tillage equipment use vs. parking.

-Section control application of fertilizer, chemical, and seed.

-Iincrease educational efforts on precision agriculture

-Ways to communicate to farmers-website more easily accessed.

Grain Crops Extension website: (Tim Stombaugh has developed two new extension publications on fuel efficiency.  BAE will develop a new publication on section control for reducing inputs)

Most of our research and publications has been directed toward no-till agriculture. Ag Econ and BAE have done a lot of work and provide decision aid tools for using precision ag. Some of that info could be updated.  The following website has links to more U.K. information on precision agriculture - Equipment and Machinery  [Lee]

In progress-fertility updates for vegetables Jones/Coolong [Hort]

Gasoline prices have fallen to under $2.00[Ag Econ]

Most of the responses above include the increased input costs[Ag Econ] 

In response to this concern a new web site has been developed with easily accessible answers to this and related questions[Ag Econ] 

Moneywise Website

More emphasis by specialists

Handouts to public to show what it costs to farm.

Work with farm businesses to use their publications.

Enterprise budgets of all kinds exists

Enterprise Budgets and Decision-making Tools website

Issue Topic - Pesticide Application
Programming Needs


Information and up-to-date control recommendations on home pest control.

Could use online database of home pests with pictures/control recommendations. 

In-service for agents (CENTRA preferred) on home pest I.D. and control recommendations. 

The CENTRA training could then be accessed at a later point in time.

Insecticide lists for home pest control (garden, landscape, and indoor) were given to all agents at trainings last year – specific products were given along with the common pests that they control.  They also were given lists for vegetable insects by crop and pest name and this year will get a more complete list. They will be getting an expanded list at this year’s training.

2007 Agent Update & 2008 Agent Training Website

Field Crops Entomology 2008 Agent Training [Bessin]

Home, Tree & Lawn Entomology 2008 Agent Training [Townsend]

Home, Tree & Lawn Entomology Handout: Larval Picture Key 2008 Agent Training [Townsend]

Home, Tree & Lawn Entomology Handout: Responses (540) to 2007 KY Private Pesticide Applicator Training Questionnaire 2008 Agent Training [Townsend]

Need publications updated yearly with current laws and regulations.  For Worker Protection Standards, H2A, DOT and pesticide regulations.

Links to current state pesticide laws and regulations along with Worker Protection Standards regulations are on the UK Pesticide Training page. Basics were covered in last year’s agent training and all agents were given a kit containing signs, protective equipment, and forms for WPS training along with web page addresses.

 2007 Agent Update Website 

Trade names and chemical products (i.e. control strategies) Common insects, identification books, booklets for consumers.

Entomology - Lee Townsend, Mike Potter

ENT Facts Sheets

Response 1  covers recommendations. During the last 2 years all agents were given an insect picture book and caterpillar identification picture book at annual trainings. Most ENT facts have pictures of the insects covered.

2007 Agent Update Website

Video needs to be updated with a corresponding applicator test or tell new agents how to properly piece together the videos they already have.

All agents were given a new private applicator test at annual training last year. Two PowerPoint update presentations with narration were sent to all agents last year along with a suggested training agenda. 

Proper use of pesticides on home lawns and gardens, etc.

This is available in the Master Gardener information.

As listed above, agents are getting insecticide lists for home, garden, and landscape pest control.

ENT Facts Sheets

Update Pesticide Certification Training

Been Addressed

See Madison-Pesticide training for response.

How to calibrate sprayers (DVD or web)

Been Addressed

This needs to be done but I have not found a good product yet. There are a lot of VHS format but DVD would be much better. 


Issue Topic - Forestry

Programming Needs


How and where can producers find information about carbon credits.

Biosystems & Ag Engineering is working on this.

MACED Program

KY Corn Growers

UK Forestry extension is working on this 

Hillside/mine reclaimed type crops; livestock potential

David Ditsch and Virginia Tech have information Publication

Information on insect disease threats

Publications already available

KY Woodlands magazine

 ENT Facts Sheets website

 UK Forestry website

 KY Division of Forestry materials

UK Plant Pathology (Sudden Oak Death, for example)

1. Landowner educational program materials

2. Forestry Specialist for East KY

3. Materials on how to of the reintroduction of the American Chestnut Tree

4. Publication needed on the Woody Adelgid

Woodland Owner Short Course

 UK Forestry website

Southern Regional Extension Forestry (website)

KY Division of Forestry materials

Articles in KY Woodlands magazine maps, etc.

Development of a timber price report for landowners

KY Division of Forestry publication titled “Growing Gold”

Log price reporting is going to take place in upcoming issues of the KY Woodlands magazine


Information for loggers on managing fuel and labor with the high cost of logging.

KY Master Loggers Program Continuing Education Credits (through UK Forestry Extension and KDF)

Issue Topic - Wildlife Management
Programming Needs


Quick Facts or Publication on food plot development; wildlife control updates

Need information on:  quality deer management, proper harvesting, food plot development, wild life management plan

Fact sheets, publications, PowerPoints, in-service trainings are needed to support a growing need for information on wildlife food plots.  Topics include: fertility, plant species selection, planting and management.

UT  publication on developing food plots

eXtension series on wildlife control

UK Forestry PowerPoint presentation available online

Progressive Farmer Magazine program (in conjunction with UK Forestry Extension)

 KY Dept of Fish and WL Resources

 Southern Regional Extension Forestry resources/materials

 Extension Publications in south resource list

 Wildlife Management Publications

FOR-50 – Managing Beaver Problems in Kentucky,

 eXtension series on Wildlife Damage Control


Issue Topic - Turf Management

Programming Needs


County athletic field and park maintenance people have very little knowledge or training about developing and maintaining athletic turf and general turf.  More hands on training, field days, and district meetings need to be offered to provide education and trainings for this clientele.  General lawn care sessions could also be offered in conjunction with this effort.  One state meeting a year will not be enough to reach this clientele and provide for their needs.

Turf Specialists, researchers and Ag. Eng. Specialist need to work with agents to develop some district or at least regional activities to serve this need.  Good pubs are available but very few of this clientele know we have

Turf Management site with publications are available

Annually hold one 5-day short course(Louisville),

3-day conference (Bowling Green),

field day (Lexington),

3 sports turf workshops (varies statewide),

3 or more grounds/parks mgt workshops(county organized), and some 8 Master Gardner seminars (statewide). 

Prefer agent organized regional workshops with several counties participating.  [Powell]

Issue Topic - Tobacco
Programming Needs


Need more cost-effective way to fire dark tobacco, reducing the number of firings. i.e. using corn cobs, mulch, shelled nut shells, etc. – currently using sawdust and slabs.


Dark tobacco buying companies have not yet been willing to accept tobacco fired with anything other than slabs and sawdust-predominantly hardwood.  Number of firings has been reduced to minimum industry standards already.  We are looking at ways to lessen regional sawdust shortage [Bailey]

Issue Topic - Miscellaneous Ag
Programming Needs


Videos developed for at least the 10 most used programs across the state (i.e. cattle genetics)


Materials, similar to the NRCS “Backyard Conservation” program that is specifically focused to KY farmers and large-tract landowners.  (Farm info in the above pub seems to be something of an afterthought). Programming suggestions on how to get this info across to farmers and landowners in a way that is meaningful to them.

In-service has been provided and publications are available.

Improve variety testing and other on farm experiment design to include less than ideal sites/situations.  Farmers feel that this would provide data to make recommendations more applicable to their farm situations.


Support for Sustainable Agriculture

Lee Meyer coordinates the Sustainable Agriculture Program

Updated information on general Ag issues

UK CES ANR Monthly Report

Continue efforts with GOAP to simplify program quarterly and end of year reporting forms

 GOAP has plans to simplify reports, but reorganization of the Model Programs has taken precedence.


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