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About Us

General information is designed to provide material of broad interest across the field of biotechnology. Our BREI team members will regularly add timely general information such as meetings, publications, and web activities with wide appeal to those wanting to keep up to date with biotechnology advances and issues.

The Biotechnology Research and Education Initiative (BREI) strives to provide science-based information regarding discoveries in agricultural biotechnology. BREI is comprised of a multi-disciplinary team of research, Extension, and teaching professionals from the College of Agriculture at the University of Kentucky.

Agricultural biotechnology holds many promises: improved nutrition for people all over the world, increased environmental protection through reduced insecticide and herbicide use, increased accuracy and efficiency in trait selection by plant geneticists, more prospects for niche marketing by small-scale farmers, and improved farm profitability through reduced input costs.

But agricultural biotechnology contains challenges as well. Biotechnology has produced concerns over preserving biodiversity, protecting consumer food safety, and issues of increased industry concentration and market power in the food sector.

Through greater understanding of biotechnology, BREI believes that we can find common ground on these and other bioethical issues.