Old World Bollworm                                                 Egyptian Cotton Leafworm

small grains commodity survey: 2013

Winter wheat is grown in the far western part of Kentucky (www.nass.usda.gov). Over the past ten years, winter wheat production has been relatively stable with Kentucky ranking 19th in the nation, on average, in winter wheat production although in recent years production has increased. In 2009, Kentucky was ranked 17th in the nation for production of winter wheat with 22 million bushels produced and in 2010, Kentucky was ranked 16th in the country with over 16 million bushels produced (statistics from www.ipmcenters.org and www.nass.usda.gov).As a crop of increasing importance, it is important to safeguard this industry from potentially damaging pests by conducting surveys that will allow for early detection and eradication.

2013 was the first year of the Small Grains Commodity Survey.  We surveyed 10 winter wheat fields in western Kentucky (the area of the state with the greatest amount of wheat acreage).  We designed a trapping program that targeted five moth pests:  Old World Bollworm, Silver-Y Moth, Egyptian Cotton Leafworm, European Grapevine Moth, and Cotton Cutworm.  The traps were in the wheat fields from April to July 2013.


  • Number of Counties Surveyed:  10

  • Counties Surveyed:  Caldwell, Christian, Crittenden, Henderson, Hopkins, Logan, McLean, Todd, Union, Webster

  • Number of Target Moth Pests Captured:  0

Click here for maps of winter wheat trapping.

             Summer Fruit Tortrix                   Silver Y Moth                                  Cotton Cutworm