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The CFLD provides on-campus and community-based groups and organizations programming that builds leadership capacity. We offer a variety of experiential workshops and custom programs in the areas of individual, interpersonal, organizational and community leadership skills development.  One of our signature programs is Equine Guided Leadership Education and the workshop Herd Dynamics for Leaders, where participants work with horses to learn leadership competencies.  The CFLD also provides training on personality types, communication, effective listening, team development and many other leadership skill sets. Explore all the professional development services available.

Service Pricing

Service Pricing – All workshops fees are based on an hourly facilitation fee of $175/hr plus any preparation time required to facilitate the workshop. Materials, assessments, snacks, lunches and facility fees are extra expenses and are not included in the workshop fee.

    Leadership Development

  Communications Training

         Team Building

Complete Training Descriptions:

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Leadership Development

Fundamentals of Leadership

This is a motivational and participative lecture that emphasizes the importance of developing the three most fundamental leadership competencies of AWARENESS, FEEDBACK and taking ACTION. It covers the differences between transactional leadership, transformational leadership and integral leadership and shows how these fundamental competencies are the very foundation from which all other competencies and characteristics of effective leaders spring forth.

“Attend to the fundamentals.”
Analects of Confucius 479 B.C.

“Only those who are asleep make no mistakes.”
Ingvar Kamprad

Facilitation: 1.5 hours
$350 includes up to 30 people and all materials

Herd Dynamics for Leaders

Equine Guided Leadership Education: where individuals and groups collaborate with horses to learn leadership competencies.

Why horses?
The horse is an animal of prey and a herd animal. Its life depends on constant awareness of its surroundings and to relationships within the herd. Horses are constantly looking for who is leading the herd. Thus, they are natural followers. They willingly follow and collaborate with humans when humans consistently “show up” as leader. Horses do this by giving people immediate and important feedback about where they stand as leader or follower. By observing and engaging with horses, individuals and groups can see and feel the immediate results of changing their own behavior.

Working with horses can teach people how to effectively lead and manage by creating productive and collaborative relationships with others that are based on mutual respect, consistency, clear boundaries, integrity, intention and authenticity.

Herd Dynamics for Leaders is a workshop that offers individuals and groups an opportunity to develop the following competencies:

  • Self awareness
  • Social awareness
  • Creating and holding a strong vision
  • Communication skills – emphasizing the role of body language
  • Building trust and collaboration
  • Flexibility / adaptability to work in challenging environments
  • Strategies for improving team performance
  • Heightened appreciation for differences in leadership and followership styles


All training is conducted on the ground

"No other exercise could have shown the relationship between leadership and communication better than that of Herd Dynamics… The horses also showed me that I have to be sure about what I want to do and where I want to go before I can communicate those ideas back to the horse. If I am unsure, how am I supposed to communicate my intentions to someone else?"
Ashley Hazelwood – UK Extension Agent

Herd Dynamics

The University of Kentucky Equine Teaching Pavilion, Maine Chance Farm, Lexington, KY
Pine Knoll Farm (northwest of downtown Lexington, KY)
Other qualified equine facilities statewide

Facilitation: Workshops are customized to your organization's needs and are facilitated by certified practitioners in Equine Assisted Activities You can schedule a half day, or one or two day workshops for your team. We also customize leadership development programs with the horses that can be incorporated into an organization's already existing leadership devleopment programming.

Cost: Facilitation fees are determined by how big a group is. For groups up to 8 people the full day fee is $1750 and half day is $1000. . For groups over 8 participants contact the Center for the most current pricing.


EGLE: Putting Physical Intelligence Back in Learning Leadership Competencies

The Leadership Circle Profile

The Leadership Circle Profile (TLCP) is an online 360 multi-rater feedback assessment that measures an individual’s Creative and Reactive Leadership Competencies and integrates this information into a visual snapshot that can then be utilized to gain awareness and provide strategies for growth and development. The TLCP reveals the Internal Assumptions (beliefs) that run behavior in both domains, increasing the inner awareness that affects outward behavior.

Creative Competencies include:

  • abilities to achieve results
  • bringing out the best in others
  • lead with vision
  • enhance personal development
  • act with integrity and courage
  • improve organizational systems

Reactive Competencies include:

  • leadership styles that emphasize caution over creating results
  • self-protection over productive engagement
  • aggression over building alignment

This assessment can be used either as a personal development tool or incorporated into an organizational leadership development initiative where teams and departments get a more holistic perspective on their leadership style.


“For the self-renewing person the development of his or her own potentialities and the process of self-discovery never end. It is a sad but unarguable fact that most human beings go through their lives only partially aware of the full range of their abilities.” 
- John Gardener

Facilitation: Includes taking the online profile followed by a two-hour coaching session. Multiple coaching sessions are available.
Cost: $750 for one complete assessment and one 2 hour coaching session

For more information go to: 

The Leadership Circle Culture Survey

The Leadership Circle Culture Survey is an easy to take statistically valid online survey that measures both creative and reactive leadership behaviors and internal assumptions that either lead to a high performance organizational culture or limit the effectiveness of its leaders to create an authentic, empowering organizational culture. Participating in the culture survey will provide a holistic snapshot that allows key leadership team members to compare their current leadership culture to the optimal culture they desire. Revealing the “gap” between actual culture and desired culture reveals opportunities for leadership development.

The Leadership Circle Culture Survey can be utilized simply as a read on the culture to create dialog for change, or can be used as a vehicle to support and measure a larger cultural change initiative within the organization.

“TLCS is not a climate survey: it identifies, with precision, how leadership is impacting your turnover, productivity, and bottom-line metrics. With laser accuracy, it indicates a clear pathway for change.” – the Leadership Circle

For detailed information go to:  

Facilitation: 6 - 8 hours. Lissa Pohl is certified to administer The Leadership Circle Culture Survey.
Cost: $3000 plus the cost of the survey at $500.00 for the first 10 participants + $50.00 per person over 10 and up to 50.

Leadership – What is Holding Us Back?

Do you find yourself wondering about the “real reasons people do not change”?  This workshop, based on the work of Harvard’s Robert Kegan, professor of Adult Learning and Professional Development and Lisa Lahey, associate director of Harvard’s Change Leadership Group and their book “How the Way We Talk Can Change The Way We Work” (2001), will assist you in discovering some of the answers to that question.  Participants will gain a better understanding of how psychological hurdles - our thinking, our language, our behaviors and our fears –hold us back from getting what we really desire in life. Then, from a place of awareness, we can take actions to test our assumptions about ourselves and others and move with integrity towards becoming better leaders.

Facilitation: This is a half day (4 hour) interactive workshop
Cost: $750 - includes from 4 – 12 participants, all preparation time and materials

Introduction to Followership

Barbara Kellerman is the James MacGregor Burns Lecturer In Public Leadership at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government. This workshop is based on her book titled “Followership: How Followers Are Creating Change and Changing Leaders” (2008) which describes the importance of the relationship of followers to their leaders. At this workshop you will learn the distinctions among five different types of followers and better understand how each of these types of followers impact the way leaders lead:
Isolates- are completely detached; resulting in the strengthening of existing leaders
Bystanders – observe but do not participate; resulting in tacit support of status quo.
Participants – are engaged and clearly favor or clearly oppose their leaders and try to have an impact on their leadership
Activists – feel strongly about their leaders either for or against and work actively to support or undermine or unseat them
Diehards – are prepared to die for their causes and their leaders.

Facilitation: 1.5 hours                        
Cost: $350 includes from 4 to 30 participants plus $1 per person for handouts

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Communication Training

Effective Communication Workshop

Are you an effective communicator? What are the components of effective communication? Does your organization or team experience gridlock and/or conflict due to poor communication skills? Participants in this workshop will learn the components needed for effectively communicating and will experience a communication simulation that emphasizes the importance of precise and clear communication. This simulation challenges participants to utilize clear communication, creative thinking, listening, organizational skills as well as patience, persistence and acceptance of diverse ways of Effective Communicationcommunicating. This workshop assists people in understanding the importance of having a clear vision and being able to communicate it effectively, as well as to better understand the differences between the way women and men prefer to communicate.

Facilitation: 1.5 hours
$300 includes up to 16 people plus handouts at $1.00/person

How Are You Listening?

What is your listening preference? How does the way you listen impact the way you work with others? Upon completion of this workshop you will better understand the differences between the following listening styles:Are You Listening


By taking the Personal Listening Profile you will know what your default listening style is and understand why, in different situations, it may be more effective to develop and use a different style.

Facilitation: This is a two-hour workshop which includes taking the short Personal Listening Profile assessment.
Cost: $400 includes up to 30 people plus the cost of the Listening Profile at $18/person

Listen to Get Results

Learn the secret to understanding and solving other people’s ‘core’ issues. By utilizing a system of inquiry and deep listening a person can effectively coach others to their own solutions. This interactive workshop sheds new light on how to really assist others in finding their own solutions by changing the way we listen. Participants will get a chance to practice solving real issues with their teammates.

Facilitation: 2 hours
Cost: $400 includes from 4-12 participants, plus $2.00 per person for materials


Listen Like a Coach

This half day workshop combines the How Are You Listening workshop and the
Listen to Get Results  workshop.

By utilizing a system of inquiry and deep listening a person can effectively identify another person’s core issue and coach them to their own solutions. Participants will come away from this workshop knowing their personal listening style, learn the difference between ‘coaching’ and ‘advising’ and then learn how, in coaching situations, to utilize the Comprehensive listening style. This interactive workshop will allow each participant to practice this very different but effective way of listening.

Facilitation: This is a four hour workshop that has a maximum of 12 participants when using one facilitator, and up to 24 participants with two facilitators.
$750 up to 12 participants plus cost of Listening Profiles at $18 each
and $2 materials; $1260 up to 24 participants plus cost of Listening Profiles and $2 materials each

Conflict Resolution

It is normal for people in groups and organizations to have disagreements about what or how things should be done. However, when disagreements turn into conflicts, the situation can become a barrier to the group’s ability to move forward, as well as destroy relationships among the members. This workshop will focus on the role of leadership in managing disagreements and conflicts in a group or organization. In addition to learning your own conflict style using the Thomas Kilmann Conflict Style Assessment,  the workshop will focus on: (1) identifying the source of the conflict – whether it is about the task or the relationship; (2) ways to deal with the conflict situation realizing that task conflicts are handled differently than relationship conflicts; (3) dealing with task conflicts through better communication and problem solving skills; and (4) dealing with relationship conflicts through interpersonal communication skills.

Facilitation: 2.5 hours
Cost: $450 includes up to 16 people plus handouts at $1.00/person

Seeing How to Serve: Leveraging Perceptual Awareness to Increase Engagement

Participants in this workshop develop their capacity(s) to actively engage and better serve others by leveraging their abilities to perceive the nuances of body language. Participants learn what transforming feedback is and how it has the ability to create visible physical changes in others including; increased vitality, visual focus, and balance in a person’s facial features. Theories and research that speak to and support this phenomenon are introduced. The use of before and after facial photos of people, who have previously experienced this type of transforming somatic coaching, let participants see the effects that transforming feedback has on the human system. Participants will practice their skills using transforming feedback with others in the workshop. The session concludes with a discussion on how this new way of perceiving and giving feedback can be utilized to create a highly engaged workforce.

Facilitation: 2 hours
Cost: $350 includes from 4 – 30 participants

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Team Building

Plexus Team Spirit

Plexus Team Spirit is a team development process that reveals and develops a strong sense of meaning and purpose for both new and mature teams. Teams that share a sense of purpose and meaning are more productive, energetic, and display greater ingenuity and creativity. Focusing on team development can increase the level of service to customers and create trusting, collaborative work environments.
The Plexus Team Spirit model takes new, mature and crossfunctional teams through five stages of team development represented by a spiral, with authentic service being the ultimate result of going through this process. Challenges and dysfunction in any one of the phases results in ineffective team performance and a decrease in Service.

Initiation - Building trust, team on boarding

Visioning - Developing a common vision

Claiming - Taking the vision into action, defining roles

Celebrating - Acknowledging progress and success as a team

Letting Go - Resolving conflicts and voicing what is not working

“Team Spirit presents a simple, intuitive model of how teams actually function and thrive. It then provides stimulating exercises and a practical diagnostic tool that teams can use to keep themselves primed for peak performance. Most importantly, Team Spirit provides a safe, nurturing environment in which relationships can be strengthened, deepened and enjoyed, and powerful creative intentions unified.”  Barry Heermann – Creator of Plexus Team Spirit

Facilitation: Plexus Team Spirit can be conducted by a certified facilitator over two full days or four half-day retreats or eight two-hour modules.
Cost: Time ($200/ hour) and Training Materials ($99 per person)

Team Dynamics

This interactive and thought provoking workshop examines how teams operate under pressure and allows participants to experience firsthand how too much competition within an organization can lead to dysfunctional teams, low productivity and low morale. This engaging workshop sheds light on how to achieve a healthy balance between competition and collaboration and how to build stronger teams by incorporating incentives based on collaborative innovation and action.
This workshop also covers Stephen Covey’s “The Urgency Addiction” and how this addiction actually provides an artificial sense of self worth, power and control and can result in loss of relationships and an overall decrease in organizational functioning.  Each participant will take “The Urgency Index” assessment which will increase their own self awareness about how to prioritize the ‘important’ in our personal and professional lives.

Facilitation: 2.5 hours                                                                      
Cost: $450 includes up to 18 people plus $1 per person for materials.


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