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Program Background

CMLP Development
The Certified Master Logger Program (CMLP) was conceived of and developed through a series of concept papers drafted in 2005-2007 by Dr. Jeffrey Stringer, Professor and Cooperative Extension Specialist in the Department of Forestry at the University of Kentucky. The CMLP was developed to provide a comprehensive point-of-harvest certification system for logging firms operating in Kentucky and Tennessee in direct response to specific forest industry market needs and to provide a platform to meet future industry needs in the region. NewPage Corporation provided initial funding and support for the development of a CMLP pilot program in 2007 that led to full deployment of CMLP in 2008. NewPage Corporation continues as corporate sponsor of the CMLP providing funding and support to the program and CMLP logging firms in western Kentucky and Tennessee. The CMLP is managed by the Kentucky Master Logger Program at the University of Kentucky, Dr. Jeffrey Stringer, Director, and Mark Schuster, Kentucky Division of Forestry, KML Coordinator. Scott Shouse, certification forester, provided technical support for CMLP development and continues to provide technical assistance to the CMLP.  The CMLP is endorsed by the Kentucky Forest Industries Association, Kentucky Division of Forestry, and the University of Kentucky.         

CMLP Standards
The standards of the Certified Master Logger Program were developed using input from meetings with over 50 logging firms in Kentucky and Tennessee during the spring and early summer of 2007. Standards were developed from this input and drafted for compatibility to SmartWoods’ SmartLogging Standards. The draft standards were reviewed by loggers and field tested on logging firms and sites in Kentucky and Tennessee in the late summer of 2007.

Logger Certification
Loggers voluntarily apply to enter the program. Initial discussions are used to scope the logging firm’s ability to meet CMLP standards. Trained CMLP assessors (industry foresters) assist logging firms in developing an operational understanding of the standards and provide mock audits. Once ready a logging firm will request and undergo an initial audit by trained CMLP auditors. The field audit report is sent to the Kentucky Master Logger Office and reviewed by CMLP personnel. Once the field audit is approved the audit information is provided to the Certification Committee for discussion and ultimate approval or rejection of the logging firm. Once approved the logging firm maintains certification for one year and can maintain membership through annual audits by CMLP auditors.

Certification Committee   
The certification committee is composed of: two certified master loggers, one from Tennessee and one from Kentucky; a representative of the Kentucky Forest Industries Association and the Tennessee Forestry Association, a representative of the Kentucky and Tennessee Division of Forestry; faculty from the University of Kentucky and Tennessee, and two representatives from environmental organizations (currently The Nature Conservancy). The committee is responsible for voting on certification for each logging firm and considering and approving changes in the standard.

Technical Committee
A technical committee is used to assist the program and provide information to the Certification Committee. This committee is composed of industry and state foresters, and certification and university foresters.


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