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Landowners Interested
in Finding a Good Logger?

If you are a landowner looking for someone to harvest your timber, you might consider a Certified Master Logger (click here for an updated list of Certified Loggers). The Certified Master Logger Program requires members to follow 39 different harvest practices including:

  • Treating landowners fairly
  • Use safe logging practices
  • Protecting landowners property, minimizing damage to standing trees, water and soil
  • Adhering to all county, state, and federal laws and regulations
  • Carrying all required insurance including workers compensation insurance
  • Follow all agreements made with landowners either contractually or through a timber sale checklist
Certified Master Loggers have undergone training in these logging standards and are checked periodically to ensure they are complying with the standards. While many loggers not in the Certified Master Logger Program may very well follow good logging practices, Certified Loggers can prove it.


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