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Incentives for Certified Loggers

Certified loggers that are fully mechanized stand a good chance of receiving a rate improvement for workers compensation insurance by some companies offering insurance in the region. Typically, these rates are 15% to 25% lower than standard rates.

Certified loggers in western Kentucky and Tennessee and surrounding states that deliver pulpwood to NewPage Corporation get assistance from NewPage. This includes help with planning and consultation on other certification matters and incentives.

There is interest in the use of Certified Loggers throughout Kentucky and Tennessee. This is especially true for forest industries that have FSC chain-of-custody or industries that have markets for wood that is certified. While wood from CMLP loggers is not certified wood (i.e. wood coming from certified forests), there are markets were some degree of certification is recognized.

NCII, the national group that sets worker compensation rates, is considering developing a rate for Certified Loggers, that would potentially include semi- or non-mechanized logging firms. University of Kentucky and the Kentucky Forest Industries Association is currently towards the development of this rate.    

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