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Information Page for Certified Loggers

SmartWood Auditing
The Certified Master Logger Program underwent its second SmartWood audit in July. SmartWood is the outfit that certifies the entire program and give us our legitimacy. They looked at all of our records and visited 10 certified master logger jobs.

We passed the audit – BUT, we got dinged on two issues. One was not having everyone’s CPR/FA cards up-to-date. This is why NewPage has been collecting proof of CPR/FA from everyone. We now have information when everyones card expires so that hopefully we don’t get hit with this again. Remember - everyone must have up-to-date CPR/FA.

ANOTHER ISSUE: They also found several certified loggers that had employees that were not wearing PPE (hard hats, chaps, eye and ear protection) when using a saw. If they catch us next year with this problem we are ALL going to have a problem. Everyone realizes that PPE is uncomfortable, to say the least (apparently all of the PPE stuff was designed by loggers in Scandinavia or some other place that’s cool all year round). Regardless, this fall we will be running our annual audit and hopefully the auditors will find everyone wearing their PPE when the audit occurs.

Regular Audits
All loggers will be audited in the fall of 2009 by the Certified Master Logger Program. This is the auditing that is done every fall by the program using certified auditors.

Workers Comp Insurance
If you are interested in a workers comp insurance you might consider Amerisafe at 1-800-897-9719 or email at . Brandon Reavis ( is the individual at Amerisafe that has worked with some of the certified loggers on their workers comp insurance.
While being a certified master logger does not automatically insure a reduced insurance rate, let your insurance carrier know that you are a Certified Master Logger, refer them to this web site and/or have them call the Kentucky Master Logger Office for more details 859-257-6230. There have been a number of Certified Master Loggers that have received a reduced rate on insurance. Remember that on workers comp rates, if you have had significant claims or other issues relative to insurance (example: late payments, low wages, or unusual employee turnover) you may not be eligible for a preferred rate. 

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