Radio Script / Short News Article

Storm Sewers

This is ______________________________________________ with the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture. If you live in a city or town in Kentucky, you've probably seen a storm sewer drain or ditch along the city streets. Storm sewers are designed to carry runoff water. In most cases, storm sewers drain directly to a stream, pond or river, unlike sanitary sewers that carry household wastewater to treatment plants.

Pollutants like antifreeze, paint, motor oil, pesticides and household cleaners are often illegally disposed of in storm sewer drains and ditches. Because storm sewer water is not treated, these pollutants have direct access to our rivers and streams.

Let's help protect our surface water resources in Kentucky by keeping hazardous materials out of our storm sewers. Recycle hazardous products like used oil, antifreeze and paint whenever possible. Take care when applying pesticides and fertilizers to your lawn and garden.

By taking these simple steps, we can protect our water resources and provide habitat for aquatic life. For more information about water quality issues, contact the __________________ County Cooperative Extension Service.

Prepared by Kimberly B. Henken, Extension Associate for Environmental and Natural Resource Issues
2002 Kentucky Water Awareness Month Packet
December 2001