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Testing Your Water

This is _______________________________________ with the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture. Have you ever had your water tested? If you're drinking water comes from a public water system, the water supplier is required to test for many things and then treat the water to make it safe to drink. However, there are times you may want to test your water. Test it if:

If you use a well, spring or cistern to supply water for your home, having it tested is the only way to be sure of it's quality. Test your water once a year. A basic test should include coliform bacteria, acidity, total dissolved solids, hardness and nitrates. Use a certified lab to do any water testing.

For more information about water testing, contact the ______________________ County Cooperative Extension Service.

Note to Agents: A listing of laboratories certified for drinking water analyses is available on the Kentucky Division of Water web site at:

Prepared by Kimberly B. Henken, Extension Associate for Environmental and Natural Resource Issues
2002 Kentucky Water Awareness Month Packet
December 2001