Radio Script / Short News Article

Water is the Liquid of Life

This is ________________________________________ with the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture. Water truly is the liquid of life. We need water to live. Water makes up 60 - 65% of our body's weight. For the body to function properly, adults generally need to consume 6 - 8 cups of water or liquid each day. Water needs vary from person to person. The foods we eat, the temperature and humidity levels, and our activity level all affect the amount of water we need each day. Overall health and age also play a role.

While we certainly get water from the beverages we drink, the foods we eat can also supply a portion of the water our bodies need to function properly. Fresh fruits and vegetables are especially high in water content, with many being more than 85% water by weight.

Water performs many functions in our bodies - it makes up 83% of our blood, supports our cells, aids digestion, regulates temperature, transports wastes and lubricates joints. Make sure your body is getting the water it needs. For more information about water and wellness, contact the _____________________ County Cooperative Extension Service.

Prepared by Kimberly B. Henken, Extension Associate for Environmental and Natural Resource Issues
2002 Kentucky Water Awareness Month Packet
December 2001