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Developing an Agriculture Water Quality Plan

Kentucky landowners have the opportunity to make a big impact on the quality of our water. Through the Agriculture Water Quality Act, landowners of 10 or more acres are developing and implementing water quality plans. Landowners who maintain their land for agricultural purposes or for timber production are required to implement water quality plans by October 2001.

Each landowner creates a unique plan that is tailored for the land they own or manage. The best management practices that are outlined in a water quality plan are proven, practical management practices that limit or prevent run-off of pollutants such as nutrients, bacteria, and sediment. These pollutants are often what keep streams from being able to be used for fishing or recreational purposes. Build-up of these pollutants in the streams and reservoirs can also cause problems for drinking water supplies.

By implementing a water quality plan, Kentucky landowners can protect and conserve the natural resources available on their land. The landowners are also helping to improve water quality and protect watersheds for all citizens of the Commonwealth. For more information about developing and implementing a water quality plan for your land, please contact your county Cooperative Extension Service.

Prepared by Jenny Cocanougher, Extension Associate for Environmental and Natural Resource Issues
Kentucky Water Awareness Month Packet
January 2001