Radio Script / Short News Article

Help Prevent Nonpoint Source Pollution

In the United States today, the biggest threat to water quality is polluted runoff. This runoff, also known as nonpoint source pollution, can come from city streets, parking lots, lawns and gardens, farms and many other places. During rainstorms and snowmelt, dirt, manure, fertilizer, lawn and farm chemicals, oil, grease, and many other pollutants can be carried into rivers and streams.

We all can do our part to help reduce polluted runoff. Take care when applying fertilizers and chemicals to lawns, gardens and farm fields. Follow label directions carefully, and use these products only when needed. Keep your vehicles in good working condition to help reduce oil and fluid leaks. If you change your oil yourself, be sure to collect the oil and recycle it.

Let's help protect our precious water resources by taking steps to prevent nonpoint source pollution. For more information, contact your local County Cooperative Extension Service.

Prepared by Kim Henken, Extension Associate for Environmental and Natural Resource Issues
Kentucky Water Awareness Month Packet
January 2001