Radio Script / Short News Article


Each day we all live, work and play in a watershed. A watershed is nature's boundary for water. It includes all the land that drains to a specific stream, river, lake or body of water. A watershed may be as small as a few acres or as large as several states. For example, the Mississippi River watershed includes 1.2 million square miles and contains thousands of smaller watersheds.

Watersheds work on a building block principle. The land in the watershed for the creek or stream nearest your home becomes part of the watershed for the river or lake it joins, which in turn may become part of the watershed for a larger river or body of water.

Become familiar with the watershed where you live. Begin by finding out where the water that drains from your yard goes. Like a street address, we all have a watershed address. For more information about watersheds, please contact your local County Extension Service.

Prepared by Kim Henken, Extension Associate for Environmental and Natural Resource Issues
Kentucky Water Awareness Month Packet
January 2001