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Celebrate Water Awareness Month in May!

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Kentucky Water Awareness Month - 2008 Packet Items

Please note: All files are in PDF format.

The 2008 Kentucky Water Awareness Month Packet contains information related to: Promotional Items, Stormwater, Groundwater, and Watersheds. Agents please fill out the online evaluation form by clicking here.


Promotional Items:



Radio Script/Media Article

Activity Sheet

Activity Sheet Answer Key



Stormwater Information:

EPA Document: After the Storm Brochure

EPA After the Storm Video Posted on Internet *

EPA Document: Make Your Home the Solution to Stormwater Pollution Brochure

Additional EPA Documents on Stormwater Available for Download

IP-65 KY-A-Syst for the Home Stormwater Management Publication (Revised)

ENRI-134 Nonpoint Source Pollution Publication [English (Revised) and Spanish Versions]

Spread the Word! Stencil Storm Drains! Fact Sheet (Revised)

Stormwater Pollution Radio Script/ Short Media Article

Project WET Kids in Discovery Series Booklet: Discover Stormwater (Available for purchase at Project WET)

Stormwater Program Evaluation

*Please note that the Environmental and Natural Resource Issues Task Force has VHS copies of the After the Storm video available for loan. Please contact Ashley Osborne for more information.



Groundwater Information:

Seeing is Believing Flyer

Groundwater Radio Script/ Short Media Article

EPA Activity: Aquifer in a Cup

EPA Region 1 Activity: Deep Subjects Wells and Groundwater

Project WET Kids in Discovery Series Booklet: Discover Groundwater and Springs (Available for purchase at Project WET)

Groundwater Program Evaluation



Watershed Information:

ENRI-132 What is a Watershed Publication [English (Revised) and Spanish Versions]

What Watershed Do You Live In? Fact Sheet/Map

Watersheds Radio Script/Short Media Article

Water Watch in Kentucky Radio Script/Short Media Article

Oatmeal Runoff Activity

Paper Wad-ershed Activity

Watershed Program Evaluation



To submit your 2008 KY Water Awareness Month Evaluation On-line, please click here. A Microsoft Word Version of the evaluation is available by clicking here (please fill out the form and email or fax to ashley.osborne@uky.edu or 859-257-3655.

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