Environmental and Natural Resource Issues


Kentucky Water Awareness Month 2001

Promotional Items
Trivia Calendar - May 2001 PDF Format
One Page Flyer PDF Format

Fact Sheets
Understanding Drought PDF Format
Incentives for Fencing Streams PDF Format
What is a Watershed? PDF Format
Wetlands PDF Format
Alternatives to Traditional Septic Systems PDF Format
Wastewater Treatement Options for Communities PDF Format

Activity Sheets
The Drought Scramble PDF Format
Wetland Wonders PDF Format
Wetland Wonders - key PDF Format
What Lives in the Swamp? PDF Format
What Lives in the Swamp? - key PDF Format
What's Your Watershed IQ? PDF Format

Activity Guides
The Adventures of Water Willy PDF Format
What is a Watershed? PDF Format

Radio Scripts
Watersheds HTML Format
Developing an Agriculture Water Quality Plan HTML Format
Wetlands HTML Format
Help Prevent Nonpoint Source Pollution HTML Format
Simple Steps to Conserve Water HTML Format

Managing Nutrients HTML Format
Help Prevent Polluted Runoff HTML Format
Special Education Exhibit at the 2001 Kentucky State Fair HTML Format

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