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2012 Kentucky Water Awareness Month Resources

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Saving Water and Energy

Youth 20 Gallon Challenge

KY Ag Water Quality

Rain Gardens


Saving Water and Energy

Saving Water and Energy: Tips for Conserving Water at Home and in the Landscape

Calendar MS Publisher or PDF


Facilitator's Guide



Radio/Short Media Article


Additional Links

40 Gallon Challenge

H2ouse: Water Saver Home

U.S. EPA WaterSense



Youth 20 Gallon Challenge

The 2011 KY Water Awareness Month Resources largely focused on the 40 Gallon Challenge, a program that challenges residents to conserve at least 40 gallons of water per day. This year we have revised the Youth Pledge Card from conserving 40 gallons of water per day to conserving 20 gallons of water per day. We hope this will be more feasible for many of our KY youth. Below are additional resources and activities to promote water conservation and the 20 gallon challenge with youth. For resources and information related to the 40 Gallon Challenge click here.

Youth Pledge Card MS Word or PDF


Project WET activities related to water conservation.*

Common Water

Water Works

Every Drop Counts

Money Down the Drain

The Price is Right

Easy Street

*The Project WET Curriculum Guide cannot be purchased. Only individuals that attend a Project WET Training can receive the guide. If you are interested in attending a Project WET Training contact Ashley Osborne .


Additional Links

EPA Water For Kids

Project WET Discover Water

See Blue Go Green Youth:Water

Water Ripples Game

Water Ripples Game Show Quiz



KY Ag Water Quality Act

KAWQ Brochure

KAWQ Plans 60-Second Radio/Short Media Script MS Word or PDF

Muddy Conditions 2-Minute Radio/Short Media Script MS Word or PDF

KAWQ Webtool

KAWQ Resource Webpage

Sinkhole Management for Agricultural Producers (AEN-109)

Vegetative Filter Strips for Livestock Facilities (ID-189)

How to Close an Abandoned Well (AEN-104)

Pasture Feeding, Streamside Grazing, and the Kentucky Agriculture Water Quality Plan (AEN-105)



Rain Gardens

A rain garden is an attractive, sunken landscape bed that captures stormwater so it can be absorbed into the soil and remediated, thus improving water quality. Since April 2011, the ENRI Task Force has constructed five rain gardens (photos below). Currently, the ENRI Task Force has five upcoming rain garden workshops (dates listed below). For more information about rain gardens visit our new website by clicking here.


Photos and Video Clips

Rowan County Schools Build Rain Garden Photos click here

Rowan County Rain Garden YouTube Clip click here


Photo above: Rain garden construction at Boone County CES Office. Photo below: Rick Durham, Horticulture Specialist, watering rain garden at Whitley County CES Office right after it was installed.

Photos: Plants being planted at rain garden at Whitley County CES Office (left) and rain garden at DeBow Park in Christian County (right) .

Photo: Mulch being applied to rain garden at Kenton County CES Office.


Upcoming Rain Garden Workshops

Incorporating Rain Gardens into Youth Water Education Workshop

This in-service will focus on rain garden basics (i.e., what a rain garden is, why it is important, how to select a site for a rain garden, and how to install a rain garden), and hands-on activities and lessons on how to incorporate rain gardens into youth programming (e.g., 4-H clubs, Junior Master Gardeners, school programs, environmental camps). Workshop participants will be installing a rain garden on site. Each in-service will begin at 9am and end at 4pm. Registration fee of $15 is required. Space is limited so register early! For more information contact Ashley Osborne.

Dates and locations:
April 17: West KY 4-H Camp, Dawson Springs, KY
April 19: Lake Cumberland 4-H Camp, Jabez, KY
May 8: North Central 4-H Camp, Carlisle, KY
May 11: Feltner 4-H Camp, London, KY


Residential Rain Garden Design for Homeowners In-Service

May 1: Taylor County Extension Office, Campbellsville, KY

As homeowners and property managers become more aware of the issues of stormwater management many of them are choosing to manage the runoff from their homes and businesses with rain gardens. This workshop will present a method for sizing and designing rain gardens and detail proper construction techniques. Workshop participants will be installing a rain garden. This in-service will begin at 9am and end at 4pm. Registration fee of $15 is required. Space is limited so register early! For more information contact Ashley Osborne.


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