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2013 Kentucky Water Awareness Month Resources

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General Information and Resources

Don't Drug Your Drain Program

40 Gallon Challenge

KY Agriculture Water Quality Plan Updates


General Information and Resources


Calendar MS Publisher or PDF

Flyer MS Publisher or PDF

Script/Article 1 MS Word or PDF

Script/Article 2 MS Word or PDF


May 5-11 is Drinking Water Week

Materials to promote Drinking Water Week are available here.


Don't Drug Your Drain

A program promoting the safe disposal of pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCPs). Disposal of PPCPs is becoming a complex environmental issue. Research has shown that these compounds remain in water even after treatment, although the potential health effects to humans or aquatic organisms exposed to the low levels of these chemicals in water is still being studied. The safety and health of the environment is directly affected by the disposal method used, so it is important that we all be responsible when disposing of these products.



Don't Drug Your Drain PSA Transcript (15s) - Direct the public to the Don't Drug Your Drain! website with this 15-second public service announcement.

Don't Drug Your Drain PowerPoint slides - Download these slides for use in related water quality programming activities.

How to Dispose of Unused Medications Factsheet (FDA)

How to Dispose of Medicines Properly Factsheet (EPA)

Information Release or Radio Script (UK)

KY Permanent Prescription Drug Disposal Locations (KODCP)

Orgins and Fates of PPCPs in the Environment Poster (EPA)


Drug Take-Back Event Resources

Drug Disposal Event Sign - Enter your event-specific information on this sign to advertise a collection event in conjunction with the National Take Back Initiative .

Drug Disposal Event Press Release - Enter your event-specific details on this press release to advertise the event through media outlets.

Drug Disposal Event PSA Transcript (45s) - Enter your event-specific details to create a transcript for a 45-second public service announcement advertising a drug collection event.



Don't Drug Your Drain (SRWP)

Drug Disposal (US DEA)



40 Gallon Challenge

Flyer (UK CES) MS Publisher or PDF

Regional Website (with online Pledge application)

Adult Pledge Card PDF

Youth Pledge Card PDF

Short Media Article/Radio Script MS Word or PDF

Exclusive MS Word or PDF


KY Agriculture Water Quality Plan Updates

Agent Update Information Sheet (PDF)

KY Agriculture Water Quality - Develop Your Plan

KY Agriculture Water Quality Information


New Publications:

Nutrient Management Concepts for Livestock Producers (AEN-113)

Using Weep Berms to Improve Water Quality (AEN-114)

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