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Multi-State 4-H Water Camp

Does your program have environmental camps or clubs? Are you in need of environmental curriculum? If so, you are in luck! The 4-H Water Camp Curriculum provides hands-on water quality education that can be adapted to fit your program's needs.

Two multi-state camping programs focusing on key water concepts have been piloted with 5th and 6th grade 4-Hers from Kentucky and Tennessee. Each program consisted of a three-day, two night camp. Essential questions, such as What is the water cycle? and Why is water important?, applied in the Kentucky 4-H Natural Resource Water Curriculum were used in the development and implementation of the program. (Note: The Kentucky 4-H Natural Resource Curriculum is one of several resources included in the Kentucky 4-H Youth Development Core Curriculum for Natural Resources). 4-Hers were engaged in hands-on activities, including exploring a wetland for aquatic insects, creating an edible aquifer, using global positioning system (GPS) units to locate watershed puzzle pieces, and much, much more.

This web site provides resources, including the 4-H Water Camp Agenda, attitudinal evaluation form, and several activities used during the program. The files are in PDF format. If you have questions regarding the program please contact Ashley Osborne at or 859-257-2505.


4-H Water Camp Resources and Curriculum Materials:

4-H Water Camp Agenda

4-H Water Camp Attitudinal Evaluation Form


Activity Instruction Sheets:

Champagne Fountain

Edible Aquifer

Perusing the Parameters


Educational Resources:

Conserve Water Educators' Guide: this resource can be ordered at the Project WET web site at

Kentucky 4-H Natural Resource Water Curriculum: this resource can be downloaded at

Project Adventure: for information visit

Project Water Education for Teachers (WET) : contact your state's coordinator by clicking here .

Wonders of Wetlands (WOW) Educators' Guide: this resource can be ordered at the Project WET web site at


Note: The Multi-State 4-H Water Camp piloted in KY and TN was funded by the Southern Region Water Education Network USDA-CSREES 406 grant. Numerous partners contributed to the success of this project, including EPA Region IV's Watershed Education Network, Kentucky Water Resource Research Institute, United States Forest Service, University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service, University of Kentucky Tracy Farmer Center for the Environment, and the University of Tennessee Extension.

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