University of Kentucky College of Agriculture


Travel Forms
2012 Travel Form Excel File (click to download)
2013 Travel Authorization Form PDF (click to download)


Order/Purchase Forms (Updated 2012)

Order Form PDF (click to download)

Pro-card Order Form PDF (click to download)


Vendor Application Form:
PDF (click to download)


Employee Reimbursement Form (Non-Travel Expenses)

PDF (click to download)


Manuscript Submission Form (Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station College of Agriculture Clearance Sheet):

PDF (click to download)


Learning Outcomes Assessment Forms:

Exams (Word Document) (click to download)
Seminars/Presentations (Word Document) (click to download)


Office Staff Duties (updated March 2009)

Organized by Task


General Questions (e.g. forms, supplies, information): Darlene & Kelly (Please, only ask Gwyn if no one else knows the answer)


Darlene (S-225P, 7-5955)
  • Assist with teaching materials (e.g., making copies)
  • Assist DGS with Graduate Student Files and correspondence
  • Communication orders (phones and computers)
  • Gift Checks
  • Graduate Student Questions and Forms
  • Mail -- FedEX
  • Orders: Stores -- Office-Max, Work, Life Sciences
  • Printing of Theses and Dissertations
  • Reservations through Management Operations (vehicles)


Kelly (S-225, 7-7450)
  • Faculty Database
  • Monthly summary of grant balances
  • Payroll -- Timesheets, adding new employee; ending employment
  • Procards -- Purchases; DAVs -- reimbursements (non-travel related)
  • Purchasing (Equipment)
  • Room Reservations
  • Scott Gross Orders
  • Seminars (schedule, notices, travel arrangements, forms for lunches)
  • Sub-contracts
  • Travel -- including procards used for expenses, DAV reimbursements


Gwyn (S-225C, 7-2543)
  • College and University Reports
  • Faculty DOE forms
  • Grants, budgets, accounts
  • Purchasing (equipment)
  • Wethington Awards