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Mystery Bugs!

Here is a list of all our past Mystery Bugs. The most recent entries are listed at the bottom of the page. Thanks to everyone who sent in their guesses!
Mystery No. Novice Expert
1 Assassin Bug
2 Hickory Horned Devil
3 Yellowjacket Hag Moth Caterpillar
4 Bedbug Lady Beetle Larva
5 Grasshopper Common Stalk Borer
6 Black Swallowtail Gypsy Moth Caterpillar
7 Cicada Burying Beetle
8 Praying Mantid Spittlebug Nymph
9 Cecropia Moth Caterpillar Cicada Killer Wasp
10 Tiger Swallowtail Earwig
11 Carpenter Ant Green Lacewing
12 Honeybee Flea
13 Scorpion Wheelbug
14 Termite Bee Fly
15 Damselfly Giant Water Bug
16 Firefly Centipede
17 female Black Widow Spider Japanese Beetle
18 Luna Moth Katydid
19 Arboreal Stinkbug male Black Widow Spider
20 Bagworm Stonefly
21 German Cockroach Flour Beetle
22 Tick Springtail
23 Spotted Cucumber Beetle Eastern Tent Caterpillar
24 Eyed Click Beetle Syrphid Larva
25 Carpenter Bee House Centipede
26 Cecropia Moth Brown Recluse Spider
27 Colorado Potato Beetle Fishing Spider
28 Head Louse Saddleback Caterpillar
29 Striped Cucumber Beetle Squash Vine Borer
30 Praying Mantid Egg Case Blue Bottle Fly
31 Roundheaded Wood Borer Pine Needle Scale
32 Carpet Beetle Larva Clothes Moth Caterpillar
33 Daddy-long-legs Moonglow Aphids
34 Tree Cricket Treehopper
35 Flea Beetle Inchworm Larva
36 Tiger Beetle Scorpionfly
37 Green June Beetle Assassin Bug
38 Blister Beetle Ermine Moth
39 Monarch Butterfly Caterpillar Locust Borer
40 Mealworm Larvae Potato Leafhopper
41 Madagascar Hissing Cockroach Gypsy Moth Adult
42 Dragonfly Velvet Ant
43 Ants and Aphids Mosquito Larva
44 Monarch Butterfly Adult Two-spotted Spider Mite
45 Pillbug Hummingbird Moth
46 Paper Wasp Caterpillar Parasitized by Wasps
47 Millipede Mexican Bean Beetle
48 Bumble Bee Indian Meal Moth
49 Wolf Spider Bolas Spider
50 Butterfly Wing Scales Viceroy Butterfly
51 Twolined Spittlebug Calico Scale
52 Eastern Tent Caterpillar Squash Vine Borer
53 Stag Beetle Rosy Maple Moth
54 Tobacco Hornworm Cave (Camel) Cricket
55 Antlion Larva Io Moth Caterpillar
56 Silverfish Patent Leather (Bess) Beetle
57 Garden/Writing Spider (Argiope) Robber Fly
58 Soldier Beetle Leopard Moth
59 (Pecan) Weevil Damselfly
60 Grasshopper Blister Beetle
61 Stink Bug Jumping Spider
62 White Grub Io Moth
63 Scorpion Tiger Beetle
64 Woollybear Caterpillar Ichneumonid Wasp
65 Long-horned Beetle Buckeye Butterfly
66 June Beetle (Junebug) Planthopper
67 Paper Wasp Oil Beetle (Blister Beetle)
68 Mayfly Carrion(Burying)Beetle
69 Hercules Beetle Trapdoor Spider
70 Earwig Assassin Bug Nymph
71 Lady Beetle Robber Fly
72 Mosquito Scorpionfly
73 Paper Wasp Jumping Spider
74 House Fly (Flesh Fly) Millipede
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Original document: 3 Aug 1995
Last updated: 1 Dec 2012