University of Kentucky College of Agriculture

Departmental Seminar

Unless otherwise noted, the weekly Department of Entomology Seminar meets on most Thursday afternoons during Spring and Fall semesters. Seminars are free. Seminars typically last 1 hour.


Current Seminar Schedule (Google Document)



Thursday, 3:30 pm

Cameron Williams Auditorium
Plant Science Building

University of Kentucky

Lexington, KY 40514


Videos of Selected Entomology Seminars


Sept 4, 2014  |  Video

Josh McCord (Obrycki Lab, MS Proposal Seminar) - "Comparative Studies of Eastern and Western North American Populations of Hippodamia convergens"
Jingjing Xu (Palli lab) - "Juvenile Hormone Regulation of Insect Metabolism and Reproduction"


Aug 21 , 2014  |  Video

Dr. Reddy Palli - "Prospects for Entomology in a Changing World"


May 1, 2014  |  Video

Tian Yu - "Identification of Micrornas from Deep Sequencing Data in Eastern Subterranean Termites"


Apr 24, 2014  |  Video

Alex Wild (Bobby C. Pass Student Choise speaker) - "How the Digital Photography Revolution is Good for Entomology"


Feb 6, 2014  |  Video

June-sun Yoon (Palli Laboratory) - "Physiological Systems in Mites: Studies on Hormone Receptors in Twospotted Spider Mites, Tetranychus urticae"


Sept 19 , 2013  |  Video

Kenji Matsuura (Kyoto University) - " Conditional Use of Sexual and Asexual Reproduction in Termites"