University of Kentucky College of Agriculture


Introduction to the Department

The strengths of the Department of Entomology are in research and graduate education, extension, and undergraduate teaching.  The Department is continually looking for new opportunities and adjusting current programs to enhance our ability to meet the changing needs of society.  Our faculty is actively involved in a number of undergraduate degree programs, including an individualized program in Entomology within the BS in Agriculture, and we teach undergraduate courses that are components of several undergraduate majors (e.g., Biology, Plant and Soil Science, Forestry, and Horticulture).


We strive for balanced programs within the Department, by investigating fundamental long-term questions and responding to current problems and needs. We have a strong integration of research and extension efforts to enhance our visibility and effectiveness.  The Department's approach to the MRLS (Mare Reproductive Loss Syndrome) crisis is one example of how we respond to critical needs within Kentucky. Faculty members coordinate several statewide actvities including the Kentucky Integrated Pest Management Program and the Pesticide Safety Education Program


Our Mission

The mission of the Department of Entomology is to enhance the quality of human life and health, and to sustain our environmental resources through a better understanding of insects and related arthropods.  We conduct fundamental and applied research on insects, educate graduate and undergraduate students, implement integrative and effective systems for insect pest management, and enhance science education and public appreciation of human-insect interactions.  Read more about our long-term goals in our strategic plan.