Status of Recommendations for Aphid/BYD Control
Doug Johnson, Department of Entomology, University of Kentucky, Research and Education Center, P.O. Box 469, Princeton, KY 42445, USA

Barley Yellow Dwarf, a disease of small grains caused by virsus, vectored only by aphids has received considerable attention. Major strides have been made in the understanding of the virus and vector, on the sub-cellular, cellular levels and on the virus - vector - host interactions that result in the many manifestations of the disease. However, the practical control of Barley Yellow Dwarf in small grain production fields remains a difficult and uncertain task. Never the less each year extension specialists in entomology and plant pathology, county extension agents, consultants and producers must make decisions in an effort to protect crops from Barley Yellow Dwarf. This effort is aimed at describing the current control recommendations among small grain growing states, determining the relative levels of confidence in these recommendations, and identification of areas of urgent need for information on which to base upgraded recommendations.

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