Each survey was sent out via U.S. Postal Service enclosed with a short cover letter and a self addressed, stamped envelope for return of the completed form. DWJ

Management/Control Recommendations

for Barley Yellow Dwarf (BYD) via the Aphids Vectors Survey

1. Please list the State in which you primarily operate and for which you are answering these questions._____

2. Please circle the following term that most appropriately indicates your area of employment.

University   USDA Agency   Independent Consultant   Ag-inputs Dealer   Ag-Industry Tech/Sales   Producer   Other:_________________________

3. Please circle the following term that most closely describes your primary area of expertise.

Entomologist   Plant Pathologist  Production Specialist   Plant Breeder    Other:______________________

4. Please circle the following term that most closely indicates the predominate wheat type grown in your area and for which you are basing the answers to the survey questions.

Hard Red Winter   Hard Red Spring   Soft Red Winter   Durum    Hard White   Soft White
Other: Please list: _______________

5. Please list any special characteristics that you feel would make your system different from the norm for wheat production for the wheat type listed above.
__________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________

6. Do you consider Barley Yellow Dwarf a serious problem to wheat production in your state? YES_____ NO_____

7. If epidemic is defined as 20% of wheat fields showing easily observed BYD symptoms, please indicate by circling the number of years out of the most recent five, that BYD has been epidemic in your state.

0         1         2         3         4         5

8. In a year for which conditions are very favorable to Barley Yellow Dwarf development, please indicate by circling the phrase that best describes the spatial variability of BYD in the wheat growing area of your state.

Problem fields very predictable          Well know chronic areas

Generally identify regions of greater risk          Problems too scattered to be predictable

9. On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 = greatest management input and 1= least management input) please indicate by circling the number that best indicates how most of the wheat is managed in your state.

10         9         8         7         6         5         4         3         2         1

10. Please indicate by circling the percentage that best describes how confident you are that your current recommendations will prevent an economic loss to BYD.

100%         90%         75%         50%         25%         10%         0%

11. Please indicate by ranking (1= most important, 10 = least important) the items in the list below that you feel are most important in constructing a recommendation for preventing losses due to Aphids / Barley Yellow Dwarf. (Please add as you see fit or choose from the list.)

_____Planting Date _____Soil Applied Insecticide
_____Variety Selection _____Insecticide Seed Treatment
_____Tillage _____Aphid species present
_____Summer weather _____Timing of aphid flight
_____Fall weather _____Other:___________________
_____Winter weather _____Other:___________________
_____Spring Weather _____Other:___________________
_____Foliar Insecticide _____Other:__________________

12. Could you produce with confidence a recommendation for prevention of losses due to Barley Yellow Dwarf without the use of insecticides?

YES_____ NO_____

13. What is the single most important piece of information / data that you use to make Aphid / BYD recommendations?
________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________

14. What is the single most important piece of information / data that you DO NOT HAVE BUT NEED, to make Aphid / BYD control recommendations. ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________

15. Do you have a publication specific to the prevention / control of aphids / BYDV?

YES_____ NO_____

If Yes, please list the citation and where a copy might be obtained. ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________

16. Do you have multi-discipline (e.g. wheat production manual) publication that includes aphid/BYDV management?
YES_____ NO_____
If Yes please list the citation and where a copy might be obtained.___________________
________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________

17. Do you have a World Wide Web based education tool, e.g. Model, identification key, pictures of symptoms etc.?
YES_____ NO_____
If Yes please provide the Universal Resource Locator (URL) address for your tool.
________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________

18. Would you be willing to have your name listed as a contact person interested in developing management / control strategies for Barley Yellow Dwarf?
YES_____ NO_____
If YES, please provide a complete mailing address, telephone & FAX numbers, and e-mail address.
____________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________

Thank you very much. Unless you indicated Yes in Question 18, your identity will be held in confidence. Please fold the survey, place in self-addressed, stamped envelope, and drop in the mail.