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Core Training




Core Training

Over the first year of employment, agents will participate in three core curriculum training sessions, each focusing on a different theme. The sessions are held at various locations across the state and range from two to three days in length. The topics for the three sessions are individual and organizational development, management skills, and program development. The order in which new agents participate in these three sessions will vary according to the date of initial appointment.

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Individual and Organizational Development
Topics at this session will include: the concept of leadership, roles people play in groups, professionalism, developing leaders in the community, building strong and effective councils and boards, volunteer management and facilitation.

Management Skills
Topics at this session will include: managing time effectively, principles of priority setting for programmatic and personal contexts, conflict management and team building, program development for diverse audiences, civil rights and affirmative action legislation and its impact on Extension, youth protection guidelines, and Extension’s role in Community & Economic Development.

Program Development
Topics at this session will include: situational analysis and needs assessment, development of logic models, priority setting, plan of work development, program implementation, educational methodology, program evaluation and accountability.

Dates for each Core Training can be found in the in-service catalog. Please enroll for all three sessions. ( Please enter using your CATPAWS ID and Password. Select "CES In-Service Training" from the column on the left.