University of Kentucky College of Agriculture

Farm Service Center

The Farm Service Center (FSC) is a College of Agriculture full-service maintenance and service facility located on beautiful Maine Chance farm.

75% of our service technicians are ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certified with two technicians having earned the status of Master Certified.


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Body Shop

The Body Shop is equipped to handle all paint, body and glass repairs for university vehicles. Estimates are available upon request.

Emergency Services

College of Agriculture vehicles please call 859.254.1434 x 257, 7:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Monday - Friday, or 859.509.2969 after 4:30 and on weekends for further assistance.

Machine Shop

Our full-service Machine shop assists the College Of Agriculture with the design, fabrication or modification of vehicles and equipment.

Vehicle and Equipment Maintenance Services

Comprehensive PM Service:
Change motor oil Check and fill coolant
Replace oil filter Check and fill transmission fluid
Lubricate steering linkage Check and fill power steering fluid
Lubricate suspension Check and adjust tire pressure
Lubricate driveshaft Check tire tread depth
Lubricate door and hood Rotate tires/repair if necessary
Lubricate trunk hinges and latches Replace air filter/cabin fiter
Check for insurance/registration cards Replace fuel filter
includes 24-point inspection:
Fuel system inspection Belts
Exterior lighting Hoses
Horn Battery cables/terminals/posts
Glass General leaks
Mirrors U-joints
Brake system Driveshafts
Steering system Halfshafts
Suspension system Wheel bearings
Doors Body damage
Exhaust system Trailor hitches
Windshield wipers Seatbelts
Heating/cooling system Overall safety and driveability

Repair Services

The Farm Service Center is equipped to handle all repairs necessary to operate university vehicles and equipment (on-road, off-road, farm, small engine repair, etc.) in a safe and efficient manner.

Please fill out a Workorder form or call 254-1434 and follow the prompts for our shop for more information.