University of Kentucky College of Agriculture

Federal Excess Property

Welcome to the University of Kentucky, College of Agriculture, Federal Excess Property Program.  Bob Brashear, Assistant to the Dean for Facilities Management is administratively responsible for the University of Kentucky, Federal Excess Property Program.  Donnie Davis is the Accountable Property Officer for FEPP.  Jesse Smith is the Coordinator for the program.

The University of Kentucky is a land grant institution and the College of Agriculture is eligible to participate in the program.  Congressional approval grants the National Institute of Food and Agriculture authority over the program for land grant universities.  The University of Kentucky is a long time participant in the program and continues to possess one of the most active programs among land grant universities in the nation.  Obtaining property thorough the program helps to extend stretched budgets. 

Vehicles, heavy equipment, farm equipment, office furniture, lab equipment, tools and various consumable supplies are among the types of property received.  Almost every department and unit within the College of Agriculture utilizes equipment and supplies acquired from the program to assist in carrying out their mission. 

The following activities are eligible to participate:
• Cooperative Extension Services
• Agricultural Experiment Stations
• Schools of Forestry (McIntyre-Stennis Cooperative Forestry Program)
• Colleges of Veterinary Medicine.

• Obtain prior approval from the FEPP Coordinator for all FEPP acquisitions, transfers, cannibalization, and disposals.
• Acquire FEPP for immediate and direct use in approved NIFA projects and programs.
• Provide additional justification for acquisitions at the request of the FEPP Coordinator.
• Follow USDA and Federal regulations for accountability, control, and disposal of FEPP.
• Report FEPP no longer needed for your program or unserviceable property.
• Ensure property records and supporting information is available for reviews.
• Never use FEPP for personal use. There are no exceptions.