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FoR 480 Integrated Forest Resource Management (Capstone)

Integrated Forest Resource Management, also known as the Capstone course, is a five credit-hour course. The instructor of the Capstone course is John Lhotka. Here is a link to the Capstone course website.

The first redesigned Capstone course was taught spring semester 2009.



Course Description

This is the capstone course in the forestry curriculum. Students will be presented with a real life management scenario in a forested location in Kentucky. They will be required to collect data, determine management objectives, and develop action plans for managing the forest according to the desires of the owner and subject to realistic legal, economic, and social constraints. Students will be required to present their management plans at the end of the semester to the faculty of the Department of Forestry. - University of Kentucky 2008-2009 Bulletin.

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