University of Kentucky College of Agriculture

Instructional Experience Requirement (Required for MS FORE Plan A and Plan B)

To foster professional development, it is a degree requirement for each M.S. (Forestry) student to acquire instructional experience under the direct supervision of a forestry course instructor.  This requirement is fulfilled by assisting with the instruction of an undergraduate course for one semester.  It applies to all M.S. (Forestry) students, including those not employed as Teaching Assistants

Each student, as soon as possible after enrollment in the M.S. Forestry degree program, should make an arrangement with a forestry course instructor to assist with one of that instructor’s undergraduate courses during a specific semester.  Once the arrangement has been made, the Director of Graduate Studies should be informed.  Upon request, the Director of Graduate Studies and the Director of Undergraduate Studies will help place students in undergraduate courses appropriate for their areas of specialization. 

One section of FOR 770 each fall and spring semester is an elective teaching course, designed to support students while they fulfill the instructional experience requirement.  The course provides transcript recognition of the teaching experience, fulfills one of the three FOR 770 credits required for the M.S. (Forestry) degree, and (by its Learning Contract) places a 10-hour weekly maximum on the workload of students who are helping to teach undergraduate courses but are not employed as Teaching Assistants.

Modification or waiver of the instructional experience requirement may be granted if:  1) a student has equivalent prior experience, 2) a student’s native language is not English and communication barriers would impose potential negative consequences on undergraduate students, or 3) other circumstances are deemed appropriate.  Requests for exceptions must be supported by the student's Thesis or Program Director and should be directed to the Director of Graduate Studies of the Forestry Graduate Program.  Modification and waiver decisions rest with the faculty members of the Forestry Graduate Program Committee.