• Lab members joined the Kentucky Conservation Committee in Frankfort, KY forBiodiversity Day!

  • Dr. Price recently wrote an article on salamanders in Kentucky for Kentucky Woodlands Magazine. Click here for the article.

  • Mickey Agha and his coauthors have published a paper on climatic variation and tortoise survival. Click here to read more!

  • Brenee Muncy, Dr. Steven Price, and Dr. Michael Dorcas recently recieved confirmation that their manuscript on salamander survival and drought will be published in Copeia!

  • Brenee Muncy presented a talk for The Wildlife Society focused on her thesis research regarding mountaintop removal mining and salamanders in eastern Kentucky!

  • Through the Natural Resources and Environmental Science program at UK, Dr. Price and Rob Paratley recently taught a two week course in tropical ecology and resource management in Costa Rica. See the Facebook page and check out our gallery for some images from the trip.

  • Dr. Weisrock (UK Biology) and Dr. Price received funding from Kentucky Science and Engineering Foundation (KSEF) to study hellbenders in Kentucky.

  • Brenee' Muncy received funding from the Kentucky Society of Natural History to continue her research on the effects of valley fills on stream salamander populations.

  • Mickey Agha received funding from the Desert Legacy Fund (California Desert Research Program) to study effects of handling and long-term research on survival of the threatened desert tortoise.

  • We are excited to welcome Mickey Agha (M.S. Student, UK Forestry) and Mason Murphy (Ph.D. Student, UK Biology)! Mickey is exploring desert tortoise demography in Southern California. Mason's research will likely focus on freshwater mussel conservation in Kentucky.

  • National Geographic recently published an article covering a paper published by Dr. Price and his coauthors in the Journal of Herpetology on the ecology of semi-aquatic turtles in golf course ponds in North Carolina.

  • Check out our new Facebook page for more updates on our adventures!

  • Brenee' is getting underway with her thesis project on assessing the effects of surface mining on stream-inhabiting amphibian populations!

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