Dr. Steven J. Price - Principal Investigator


Dr. Price is an assistant professor in the Department of Forestry at University of Kentucky. He received a B.S. (2000) and M.S. (2003) from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, and a Ph.D. from Wake Forest University (2011). Additionally, Dr. Price was employed as research coordinator, visiting faculty, and post-doctoral research fellow in the Biology Department at Davidson College from 2004-2012. Dr. Price's research program focuses on ecology, conservation, and management of amphibian and reptiles. Dr. Price has co-authored one book, Frogs and Toads of North Carolina with Michael Dorcas, Jeffery Beane and Sarah Cross, and several book chapters. He has published over 50 peer-reviewed articles, many of which involve students as co-authors.

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Andrea Drayer - Research Analyst


Andrea is a Research Analyst for the Department of Forestry. She assists with all aspects of the lab, including field work, web development, and outreach events. Andrea also currently serves as co-chair for the Southeast Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation (SEPARC).

Curriculum Vitae

Graduate Students

Jenn McKenzie

Jake Hutton

Christian R. Oldham

Undergraduate Students

Michaela Lambert

Jonathan Matthews

Brandon Slusher

Former Students

Sara Beth Freytag - Former Graduate Student

Mason Murphy- Former Graduate Student

Brenee' Muncy - Former Graduate Student

Mickey Agha - Former Graduate Student

Wade Boys - Former Summer Intern

Leo Fleckenstein - Former Undergraduate Student

Merissa Joseph - Former Undergraduate Student

Waydon Yates - Former Undergraduate Student

Mariah Lewis - Former Undergraduate Student

Elizabeth Patten - Former Undergraduate Student

Ashlie Pool - Former Undergraduate Student

Karyn Loughrin - Former Undergraduate Student

Jeb Ayers - Former Undergraduate Student

Shelby Fulton - Former Undergraduate Student

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