Dr. Steven J. Price - PI

Dr. Price is an assistant professor in the Department of Forestry at University of Kentucky. He received a B.S. (2000) and M.S. (2003) from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, and a Ph.D. from Wake Forest University (2011). Additionally, Dr. Price was employed as research coordinator, visiting faculty, and post-doctoral research fellow in the Biology Department at Davidson College from 2004-2012. Dr. Price's research program focuses on ecology, conservation, and management of amphibian and reptiles. Although most of his investigations are field-based, he also enjoys spatial analyses with Geographic Information Systems, writing R code, and conducting (sometimes painful) statistical analyses. Dr. Price has written one book, Frogs and Toads of North Carolina with Michael Dorcas, Jeffery Beane and Sarah Cross, and several book chapters. He has published over 40 peer- reviewed articles, many of which involve students as co-authors. Dr. Price is a faculty mentor with the University of Kentucky Department of Biology's Research Experiences for Undergraduates program funded by the National Science Foundation.

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Brenee' Muncy - Former Graduate Student

Brenee' completed her M.S. Forestry degree in May of 2014. Her master's thesis project focused on assessing the effects of surface mining on stream-inhabiting amphibian populations in eastern Kentucky (Poster). She graduated from the University of Louisville with a B.S. in biology with a concentration in ecology (2012). During her undergraduate studies, Brenee' conducted research in the stream ecology lab and animal behavior lab at the University of Louisville. Brenee's academic interests include conservation, herpetology, restoration ecology, stream ecology, and invasive species. She also enjoys paddling, camping, horseback riding, and hanging around a fire.

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Christian R. Oldham - Graduate Student

Christian is a second year forestry graduate student. His current projects focus on natricine snake ecology in the Bluegrass Region of Kentucky (Poster). He graduated from Davidson College with a B.S. in biology and a minor in Chinese. As an undergraduate student, Christian conducted research in the Davidson College Herpetology Lab. Additionally, Christian spent a year employed as a research technician at the Davidson College Herp Lab following graduation. During this time, he worked on a variety of research projects and administered the Carolina Herp Atlas. Christian's interests include conservation, herpetology, ecology, and taking advantage of any excuse to get outside.

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Mickey Agha - Graduate Student

Mickey is a first year Forestry graduate student. After receiving his B.S. in Environmental Management at University of Redlands, he went on to work at the U.S. Geological Survey (2011). Serving as a Wildlife Biologist under Dr. Jeffrey Lovich, his research focused on the threatened Desert Tortoise (G. agassizii) of southern California. At U.S.G.S. he became a turtle enthusiast conducting research on one turtle species in Arizona and five different turtle species of New Mexico. Here at U.K. his master's thesis investigates the long term apparent survivorship of Desert Tortoises of Southern CA (Poster). He is also studying the thermal ecology of the Eastern box turtle (T. carolina) in Kentucky. Since birth Mickey has had a passion for fishing, baseball, and exploring the wilderness. He has published a few articles in refereed journals and hopes that more are to come.



Mason Murphy - Graduate Student

Mason is a first year graduate student being co-advised by Dr. Price and Dr. Weisrock in Biology. He attended the University of Notre Dame where he majored in Biology and was able to have a wide variety of research experiences, including fruit fly evolutionary genomics and Palouse prairie community ecology. He is interested in a broad range of population and community ecology questions, but ultimately wants to focus on using both molecular and field methods to study population connectivity and persistence. While is specific project is still undecided, it is likely he will be studying freshwater mussel populations. In his spare time Mason enjoys hiking, kayaking, camping, and listening to classical music on his super hipster record player.

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Sara Beth Freytag - Graduate Student

Sara Beth Freytag is a first year Forestry graduate student. She earned a B.S. in Biology at Centre College, where she researched cannibalistic spadefoot tadpoles for three years under Dr. Brian Storz. During her senior year, she gave an oral presentation at the annual Kentucky Academy of Science meeting and was a leader of Centre's TriBeta Biological Honors Society chapter. Sara Beth is passionate about aquatic ecosystems and plans to study stream salamander populations in Robinson Forest for her thesis work. She enjoys playing the piano, photography, tap dancing, and cuddling beagles.


Leo Fleckenstein - Undergraduate Student

Leo is a fourth year Animal Sciences major. Leo's primary area of interest is wildlife management and conservation. He is currently enrolled in Dr. Price's course in herpetology and is actively assisting with field research in the lab and site surveying in central and eastern Kentucky. Leo's interests include hiking, kayaking, building awesome terrariums, and maintaining a disturbingly large cichlid collection.


Elizabeth Patten - Undergraduate Student

Elizabeth Patten is in her fourth year at the University of Kentucky double majoring in Natural Resources and Environmental Science and Biology. Her focus is in wildlife management and is interested in animal behavior, conservation and ecology. In the Price Lab, Elizabeth is currently participating in studies on queen snake demography and behavior, and plans to conduct independent research on stream salamander occupancy in and around Lexington. On her free time she enjoys hiking, long boarding and snowboarding.


Ashlie Pool - Undergraduate Student

Ashlie Pool is a senior Natural Resources and Environmental Science student at UK. Ashlie’s coursework focuses on conservation biology with applied methods in the field and lab. Growing up in the countryside of southern Illinois, Ashlie has always been interested in the outdoors. Her recent expedition to Costa Rica studying tropical biodiversity sparked an interest in reptile and amphibian ecology, which led her to assisting in the Price Lab. In addition to wildlife ecology, Ashlie is also interested in sustainable agriculture and international environmental management and conservation.


Karyn Loughrin - Undergraduate Student

Karyn Loughrin is in her final year at the University of Kentucky finishing up a major in Natural Resources and Environmental Science. Originally from Columbus, Ohio Karyn has always had an interest in the environment. Her focus is in Economics and Policy and interests include wildlife human conflict, effects of anthropogenic activities on wildlife, GIS and mapping. In addition to helping out in the Price Lab, she is currently conducting research on land use issues around a national forest in Rwanda with Dr. Stainback.


Shelby Fulton - Undergraduate Student

Shelby Fulton is in her third year at the University of Kentucky. She is majoring in Natural Resources and Environmental Science, with focuses in field and laboratory analysis of ecosystems and wildlife management. Growing up in the chemical valley of West Virginia, Shelby was frequently exposed to the effects of natural resource use on the environment; this led to her current interests in conservation, public education, and wildlife ecology. Currently, Shelby is participating in efforts to better understand the urban ecology of bats as well as assisting in field work with the Price Lab.


Mariah Lewis - Undergraduate Student

Mariah Lewis is in her third year at the University of Kentucky. She is studying Natural Resources and Environmental Science, with a focus on conservation biology in both field and lab settings. She is also working towards a minor in Biology. Originally from the Chicagoland area, she has always had an interest in the environment. At a young age, she worked with animals shelters and has been involved with a variety of environmental and sustainability-centered organizations. She hopes to one day travel the world and conduct environmental research in other countries. Mariah envisions a future career working with sea turtles after having studied them in Costa Rica during the summer of 2013. Currently, Mariah is conducting research on the thermal ecology of box turtles in Kentucky as part of an investigation into the influences of hardwood forest management practices on reptiles.


Wade Boys - Former Summer Intern

Wade is a fourth year undergraduate student at Ohio Northern University. He spent the summer of 2014 assisting with ongoing research projects in the lab and conducted original research on the use of passive integrated transponder (PIT) telemetry with queen snakes.

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