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  • BAE 532 - Introduction to Stream Restoration
  • FOR 460G - Forest Watershed Management

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Stream Restoration Courses

BAE 532 - Introduction to Stream Restoration

Stream Bend

Introduction to the principles of fluvial geomorphology for application in restoring impaired streams. Topics include channel formation processes (hydrology/hydraulics), stream assessment, sediment transport, in-stream structures, erosion control, habitat, and monitoring. Prereq: CE 341 (or equivalent) and engineering standing or consent of instructor. (Same as CE 542.)

FOR 460G - Forest Watershed Management

Principles and techniques involved in forest watershed management as related to the water resource. The influence of forestry practices on water movement into and through the watershed; water storage; water loss; vegetation and water yields; water quality. All-day field trip required. Prereq: Summer Camp (FOR 375, 376, 377, 378, and 379); or consent of instructor.

NRC 320 - Field Experience in Data Collection Techniques

A field-oriented course taught as a three week summer camp at Robinson Forest. Emphasis is places on methodologies for data collection necessary to evaluate a variety of ecosystems on forest land, agricultural land, and surface mined land. Students will become familiar with sampling instrumentation, collection, preservation, analysis and data interpretation. Prereq: BIO 150, 151, 152, 153; CHE 105.

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