University of Kentucky College of Agriculture

Careers in Forestry

Listed below are sources of information on careers in forestry. If you have any questions about potential career choices, please visit with our department's Director of Undergraduate Programs.

Society of American Foresters (SAF)


SAF Brochure (pdf) - Choose Forestry


SAF Education webpage


SAF Forestry Careers - information on careers in forestry and links to other career resources


SAF Career Center - job announcements

Careers in Forestry and Natural Resources - Provides useful information on what you can do with a degree in forestry and natural resources. Also lists universities that offer a degree in forestry and natural resources.

USA Jobs - federal job listings (search keywords such as forestry, wildlife, natural resources, etc.)

U.S. Forest Service - Working for the U.S. Forest Service and Student Programs

ForestryUSA - Job Postings - Lists current job openings in forestry and natural resources

GoForestry - by Canada's Council on Forestry Promotion and Recruitment. Provides information on forests, forestry and related career opportunities.